Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday, May 14

Doce is doing wonderful! His little bum is doing so much better. We think we have it figured out and as long as we continue a 3-time a week treatment, he should be fine. He's running around playing, but is terribly missing his 4 girls (this includes Caryn of course!). Actually, Caryn's other 2 cats will be spending the upcoming weekend with us. When they come on Sunday to take them home, they'll also be taking Doce back too. When one of the girls holds him, I swear that all the bones in Doce's body becomes liquefied--he simply goes limp when they hold him! 

Dion, our construction guy was here all day yesterday. He put up about 13 more fiber wall panels! So exciting! We are getting things ready so that when it's all done, we can move in and start using it immediately! As soon as he can get time to form in the front sidewalk, he'll be calling the concrete guys in!

We had the Bubble Machine on today. Do you know who loved it the best? It was Walter! He zeroed in on those bubbles and popped them! It was so fun to watch him! So many of the kitties enjoy the bubble chasing!

Snappy and Whisk and Weeja are playing like crazy kittens here in the office. They actually bounced off the door to get momentum to run to the other end. What fun they have. Not sure who is winning, but I'm sure there will be a nap in their near future! Walter is joining in their fun--that's his speed of playing--fast and furious! The four are doing good together.

I hope for Walter that everyone will be patient with him. I know he's a rough player. But he's young, he's deaf and he's learning how to play with others. We all are so very patient and understanding when there's a physical problem with a cat. We need to also remember, even though we can't "see" Walter's problem, we need to be patient and understanding of him also. He's trying so hard to fit in. Thanks for loving him!

We had BOXES last night! I am grateful for your support.
Nancy S from NV--card with stickers, Reeses PB cups, KitKat minis, caramel corn, kitty snackers and a kitty storage drawer with more treats!
Patricia M from IL--12 very cool purple pens with purple ink (love them)
Linda S--Education Box tops
Angela M from TX--7 rolls of kitty fabric--all very cute!
June K/Painteddaisy--To be used however we want: 8 jewelry ouches, a variety of glass beaded necklaces in many colors, zipper pulls with kitties, bracelets made with leather and glas beads, key chains. Thanks June--they're beautiful!
Donna/Cattoys1 from TX--For the Catathon: jewelry made by Donna: earrings, necklaces, rings, kitty earrings, Christmas tree earrings, Christmas stockings with Kitty and Doggie and Princess design, Octavia bobblehead, kitty & flower yard stake, paw print blankie, heart wire basket with red beads and a kitty box for storage
Patmack01--rice cereal, salmon cans, Friskies, appetizers, laser light, coil toys, q-tips, jar of lotion, Crystal light for volunteers, Snuggle safe warmer
Sean & Anne P/kikocat with Penn & Teller--raza and Dovie card, letter with pictures of Penn & Teller, bag of Iams, kitty snackers, Friskies, baby food jars, spring coil toys, kitty toys, volunteer snackers and 4 packs of stickers
Runbeccarun--bag of Royal Canine Kitten food, 6 bags of Purina One smart blend dry food
Jane W/calico17--mothers day card, donation to be used wherever needed
Shirley W from TX with Kat, Rosie & Penny the doggie--donation for FFRC
Likrishlover/lindaK from MN--kitty card--congrats on the  10K with picture of her Likrish, donation for the sardien challenge
Abigail B from OH--Chief tapes
SuEllen from OH--donation for FFRC
Cheryl L from WA--letter, lots of thank you cards and note cards, stickers, 5 beautiful pillow cases for the baby room, 2 pillowcases for the Butterfly room, 2 rolls of butterfly boarders, 2 cat plaques, Book of Blessings from Helen Steiner RIce, baby wash cloths, big bag of PB cups!, Reeses PB treats, Rock for Alberts Garden "Never Forgotten Forever Remembered", bunches of kitty toys, feather toy for Derecho, lots of kitty snackers, baby food, Sheba can food for Magenta, batteries for the heartbeat, A really neat Mug, 2 mats--pink & blue for the baby room.  For the Catathon: kitty frame, sewing accessories, Mickey keychain
Pam R/buckeye cat (day visitor)--bottle of Odor B Gone cleaner, 2 bags Royal Canin food, 1 bag Natural dry food, yogurt raisin treats, crackers, truffles for volunteers and a bag of Purina One
Liz from TX--evening visitor--a donation for FFRC (she came to Ohio to do birding and stopped by the rescue center!)
Todd & Tonya (day visitors)--1 1/2 dozen cans of food

We have quite a few adoptions pending. Will fill you in as things get firmed up! Daynay is back in the Rescue Center. She spent the 2 weeks in Kitty Kastle with Janet. She's doing fine, but I'm sure she misses Janet. She ate a good breakfast today. Janet made it back home to New Zealand. She had a couple bumps in the road of return, but she's safely back now. 

There is, at this moment, 9 cats on the low cat walk in the Kabana Room looking out at the bird feeders. They sure do love this. Joyful is being silly this morning--she's even bouncing in the air and playing! I think we're reaching her joy spots! The little kittens in Thumper's Room ate a pretty good breakfast this morning by themselves. That's a first! Becky will be coming in tonight to top off their tummies and also the 6 kittens. Names will happen today for the 5 kittens in Thumper's Room!

Kitty Q's two kittens are playing now--so cute. They are also starting to eat a bit on their own. I keep thinking of Catsparella--when her kittens start playing. Will be nice to watch. Both are such good mamas. Such a lot of beauty kittens!

Our Hanker Panker boy! He loves to be sweet-talked to.