Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday, May 5

What a beautiful Sunday! Right now, the 6 kittens are out in the main area, walking and running around a bit while it's quiet here. That little Bix is so much tinier than the other 5, but he can keep up with his siblings! They are becoming better plate eaters. We're still syringe feeding yet just to make sure their tummies are full.

We opened the door to June's Room so Kitty Q could come out and stretch her legs. Little Pumpkin followed her mama right out the door, for her first adventure in the main area. Oh my goodness--those two kittens, Pumpkin and Ginger have the roundest tummies. Yesterday, the 6 kittens visited Kitty Q for an hour of mothering from her.

We had our 24 hour bid auction for the drawer/bed end at 6 pm. I want to thank Joni (catlady) and Angie (a volunteer) for making these awesome drawerbeds. Also a big thanks to Mary Braid (a volunteer) for sewing the covers for the cushions in the beds. Many thanks to:
Janarama00/Janice--bed A for $115
Crittercat/Michelle B--bed B for $77
SVCathy/Catherine--bed C for $160
Janarama00/Janice--bed D for $75
Steffer48/Stephanie--bed E for $125
jbv6109/Jackie--bed F for $125, who has now donated this bed to Jimmy's daughter that adopted a cat from FFRC!
Big thanks too to Cantoncat and Gusti for donating $20 each, for each drawer to cover the shipping charges. So very very nice of them to do this. For this 24 hour auction, we had 78 bids from 22 different bidders!  The total for this auction is $677. I'm so very grateful.

Next, we had our LIVE afghan auction. Big thanks to Rosemary B from South Africa for making this afghan. It is beautiful. The bidding on this afghan was hot and heavy!! We had 48 bids on this afghan from 11 different chatters. We sure did have some fun! The top bidder was PrissyPurdue from CA for $485. Then we had Furkitty and Eartheyes each donate $15 to put us at $515! What a thrill. I am so grateful for this support. Thank you!

We also had BOXES and envelopes last night.
Lannmi--a box for Janet which was a chocolate sardines.
PSW--a box for Janet which was real sardines
Conii from FL--donation to FFRC for whatever is needed.
sophieandluciesdad from MI--coupons
CathyS from MN--donation for FFRC
Jim & Kathy T from MI--donation for Emaline for their support of her.
Catman--we received his donation for the Hair Fun Event from our celebrations! Thanks, Catman!
Bonnie R from TX--a donation for FFRC for the sardine fun!
(See...we're still having sardine fun!)
Dawnstar--for Catathon: BANNED stickers!

The six little kittens are now tucked back into their pen. The instant they felt the heaters, off they went to nappy time. They are the sweetest babies! Weeja is wonderful. She is such a beauty and loves to play. Almost every morning when I open the cabinet above the counter, there is Tabitha--fast asleep on some wadded up paper towels that she has moved around to make a good bed!

Ruthie Ann has ventured out to the Kitty Kabana room now a couple times. She's a bit of a shy girl, but sure loves those ear rubs. Snappy loves playing with the babies--I think it makes him feel like a big brother. Joyful came out on her own from the Welcome Room office to the main area yesterday. Wasn't for long--she just wanted a look-see. What a beauty she is.

I talked to the woodie's family late last night--things are going pretty well. Linden is now out and about and jumped up on the couch to lay with his brothers. What a beautiful site that must've been.

Montana is all decked out for a special day!