Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 15

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ    It must be nap time. As I look around me, I see 11 cats and kittens snoozing away around my desk, with Zelda rounded up on a stack of papers sleeping! Must be nice--eat, sleep and play! Oh wait....I better add their "job" and that is to let themselves be petted all day and be cute!

A busy place yesterday. Dion was here. The fiber panels are all up in the Mail Room now. The extended Thumper's Room has about 1/4 of the panels up. The back door of Thumper's Room now has 2 coats of paint--one more to go. We've also been preparing for the Day Sale. Lots of kittens to make sure their tummies are full. Extra work done in farm yard. Starting to get more done for the Catathon. 

We also have another visitor here for a week--Gentlesong is here. She says she's ready to be put to work today! Next week is also another busy visitor week, especially on the weekend. We sincerely enjoy our visitors. The cats do too--Mayor Anony told me so! 

On May 20th, we will have two visitors come from Cananda. They will be visiting with the purpose of adopting FOUR cats! We've been planning on this for quite some time, but had to wait for one of them to be spayed. The four they're looking at?  That would be Montana and Jannuka. The other two are unsure until they get time to meet and greet the others. These 4 cats will go into a home where they will have much love and lots of space to play and a wonderful home, just for them!!

Many thanks to the following for their support:
Gusti from Germany--a Happy Birthday to Rory gift. We will dish out lots of yummy snackers for the whole Covie family in honor of Rory's birthday.
Maria L from NY--donation in honor of sweet Walter
Darlene M from Canada--donation towards the general fun

We have names for the 5 kittens in Thumper's Room. You'll have to look close at them when they come into the main area--they are very similar.
Judson       male        brown tiger/white
Tatiana      female      orange/white tiger  all white toes
Vincent      male        orange/white tiger  all white feet
Theo          male        orange/white tiger  all white feet
Danika       female      orange tiger, no white
These 5 are just starting to eat good by themselves. They sure like to play. Such cuddlebums too--they purr as soon as you touch them!

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Pania is doing awesome. I watched her yesterday climb down from a cat tower. Ever so carefully, so purposeful though, paw by paw she patted her way down. We're holding and loving on BlackJack a lot. He's a tad shy. Sweet Joline is doing wonderful. She loves to be held. Her fur will grow in again and we'll keep it so she'll never mat again. We promised her that. Maui is chattering away at the window. She's watching the bird feeders. Temba and Abner think their big cats, the way they climb up and down the flower furniture! All is fine here!

One of the peacocks on the farmyard--strutting his feathers.