Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday, May 2

Oh my garsh--we had so much fun yesterday in celebration of winning! Lots of people stopping by, which we enjoyed. We had a sardine preliminary "try-it" in the early morning, then 2 big Sardine Challenges in the afternoon We did 2 big tours of the outside of the rescue center, the whole rescue center, the new construction area and kitty city. During the entire day, we held up lots of kittens and cats to be viewed. We also had the "hair event"! Janet's hair became bright yellow and green--very becoming! Jimmy was decorated (in purple) with a "we won" on the top of his head, along with his whiskers that became purple! Eric had his hair bright green. I had a "purple bad hair day", mixed with a ton of mouse!! Later, I sported just a bit of purple hair! Janet had full intentions of shaving her hair, but at the last minute, Catman put in an offer she couldn't resist! $1,000 NOT to shave her head--couldn't resist that! We all had such a good time!  

We also had our sardine cake, pizza and doughnuts. The cats also had 2 big soup bones that had lots of meat on them--they sure enjoyed these! In the morning, we had put up lots of decorations throughout the rescue center. All in all, we had a great day of celebration. On the cam chat, everyone was able to use CAPS all day long, for whatever reason! The reason we did all this? In honor of YOU all out there, as our way of saying thank you for your votes and support. Thanks so so much! 

Many thanks to the following for their support.
Ingrid S from Netherlands--donation for the sardine event
Kim K from MI--donation for the sardine challenge
Cheryl G from TN--in celebration of our win!
Nancy S from MD--donation for the sardine challenge
Carol N from PA--donation in memory of Bondi, Orangey, Heaven and Jack
Helen D--for baby food and in honor winning the voting contest
CatHouze & Furkitty--for sponsoring Farrah!and for Eric drinking the sardine juice
Gaye C--a donation for FFRC
Heather S from MN--donation for the sardine event
Shirley Y from NY--donation for the sardine challenge
Wiscatmom/Rita SF from WI--donation for Catsparella and Kitty Q and their babies
Pamela S from IL--donation for the sardine fun
Jack H from FL--donation for the sardine event
daydreamz2/Susan M from IA--donation for the sardine eating challenge
racecat3/Ruth S from IA--donation for the sardine challenge
Nancy G from MI--for the sardines, the hair and all the fun
Eileen Mailloux from CA--for the sardine challenge
Gusti from Germany--for Janet NOT to shave her head
Sheila H from Canada--contribution for the sardines eaten
Ann F/newfiedogmom from Canada-payment for the sardine caper
Jennifer S/jacksmom from MA--donation for the sardine event & for the sardine juice drinking
Priscilla/prissy from CA--donation for the sardine challenge
Warped/Connie from MN--donation for the sardine challenge
Thomas/theoddmuse from MI--donation for little Joceyn  eating a sardine
Elisabeth/widdletigger from MD--for the sardine sillyness!
Brooke B from OH--for the sardine challenge and for drinking the sardine juice
Karen S--for the sardine event
Lynette R from Canada--for the sardine challenge   extra thanks!
Heather S from MN--for the sardine eating fun
Tom W from MI--for the sardine juice drinking and for Amy to eat a sardine on Saturday
Renee C--for the sardine challenge and the sardine juice drinking
PSW--for Janet NOT to shave her head
Lynn/michlynn from MI--for Janet NOT to shave her head you can see, we had some wonderful support of the head shaving and the sardine fun!

We also had BOXES last night! We love boxtime and we're so grateful!
Conii and Madisson and Elliott--big bag of Royal Canin kitten dry, big bag of Royal Canin indoor adult, 1 case of Royal Canin baby cat wet food, 3 bags of Royal Canin Baby cat dry and a wonderful tower of chocolates and goodies from Harry & David
Julie P/tigercat54--play and catch squeak toy, 2 pink squeaky mice and a cat toy with sissle post and 4 toys
Tom/toma68 and Gillian from UK--card and 8 boxes of Bondi licks
Cita47--a wonderful box of pretzels, crackers, peanut butter treats and LOTS of awesome assorted cheeses
Colleen L/Schnauzers from Georgia and her kitties and doggie--note, a gorgeous afghan made by her daughter Erin (bright primary colors done in a ripple design)
Widdletigger--6 Clorox wipes and a case of Wellness can food
Caren F--case of 9 lives, 2 cases of Friskies, 6 kitty kong/kickeroos and assorted k-cups  For the Catathon--a kitty apron
Ellen/furkitty and Pat/cathouze from FL--letter from Torry, the head kitty of the sewing department, 4 more quillows for day sale or whatever needed

We also showed everyone the tumblers with the FFRC logo on it, that will be sold at the Catathon.

Our college cats were returned late afternoon yesterday. All had full x-rays, lab work and most had stool samples done. All stool samples were normal. Polo (remember he was a HBC) showed a past fracture at his tail base. So, due to soreness still there, we have already started his laser treatment program. Maui is just fine--passed everything. Snappy too is just fine. Pushkiss has a slight URI, which we had already started treatment on him with antibiotics, but everything else was fine. PaddyCake showed a grade 3/6 heart murmur on his left side. Remember PaddyPurr showed a grade 5/6 on his right side. We will be going over all this with our vets so they are aware. It's surprising though, how smart these cats are, once they are returned to us! They've got their college degree now! 

All is fine here. The group of orphaned 6 kittens that we have been syringe feeding, are just beginning to eat on their own. We are doing half and half with the self feeding and syringe feeding. Won't be long until they are on their own! 

Once again, thank you for making this win possible thru The Animal Rescue Site and Petfinders!

Weeja thinks you all are awesome for helping us win!