Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, May3

Hug your Cat today! Yes, today is National Hug your Cat day. Lots of hugs to give. What a great day!

We received our Petfinder report. The 12 cats that were looked at the most were: Spruce, Goodness, Zelda, County, Maui, Dahnay, Georgia, Linden, Cypress, Octavia, Buckeye, Preakness, Dove. 

Tonight at 6 pm (FFRC time zone), starts the beginning of a different auction. We will be showing 6 of the really neat drawer/bed's that Joni and Angie have been working on. They are really nice. This auction ends at 6 pm sharp tomorrow night. Then at 6:30 pm tomorrow, we will stop boxes and have another LIVE afghan auction--using the beautiful red/white/blue/tan afghan. This afghan came to us all the way from Africa. It's stunning!

Odds and ends:
**Wanda is donating a beautiful portrait of Putter for the Catathon. It is absolutely wonderful. Thanks, Wanda. 
**Please remember, you can post two pictures a day on the Chatter's facebook page. The reason? If we do more than that, the site gets flooded with so many pictures that it's hard to read any of the other items. Thanks!
**You know those cute emoticons? We all love to use them. But I'd sure like to ask you to limit it to one or two per posts on the cam chat. The reason is that it bogs down the bandwidth. Those fun little pictures really drag down the cam. I appreciate it!
**The 2013 cookbooks have been ordered! They will be in before the Catathon. Many thanks to Leenie for organizing and handling this fundraiser. 

We had BOXES last night! What a week of being extra thankful!
Anonymous Friend--ethernet patch cable for the computer
Widdletigger--box full of microfiber towels!
Lovebugs for Catathon: rug/mat "We're so excited we don't know whether to pee on you or tear up the couch"!
Susan M/Daydreamz2--6 containers of Lysol wipes
Tigercat54/Julie P--2 nylar bones for doggies, 2 cat nip bananas, 2 kitty bowl bed/scratchers, 3 soft toy balls, 2 big bins of 45 count crinkle balls
Pat L/Plee9 from KS--dog bones for the doggies, 4 bags of kitty snackers, pop tabs for Kellen, 15 quilted kitty blankies and 6 knitted kitty blankies  These blankies can be used however we can use them!
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of Friskies Pate, 1 case of Friskies Senior, case of Friskies Tuna and a case of Friskies seafood, case of kitty Whiskas snackers
Ellen/kikimycat in FL--Two Catathon baskets. One for 6-12 year old girls--chock full of many awesome items--earings, stuffed doll, puzzle, nail care, beauty set, kitty purse, art work, hair ties, gel pens, lots and lots more!   The second basket is for a sewing basket: sewing box full of sewing goodies, ms kitty monkey craft kit, big bag of special buttons, elastic, pins, needles--lots of items! Thanks for these 2 baskets! Also a Catopoly board game to add to a basket!
Theresa M from PA--for a golf Catathon basket: This is an Arnold Palmer special! His country club score card, bottles of Arnold Palmer's line of shampoo, soap, lotion, conditioner, AP special lapel pin with the umbrella insignia, AP golf polo with the umbrella insignia, ball cap with the umbrella insignia, autographed copy of his book "A Golfers Life"  Another great basket!
Cheryl M from OH--coupons
Conii G from CA and Madisson and Elliott--congrats card with anote
Trudy S from Bryan OH--donation
Mudjie/MJ--PayPal donation for the sardine challenge
Tami L from AZ--donation for the sardine challenge
Toy/town/Karen C from MA--a donation to be used where needed

Deb N from NH--a monthly donation with extra for be used on Joyful. This donation is made in memory of the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy. 
Kelly K--donation for the sardine event and for the drinking of the sardine juice!

Walter! What a wonderful cat he is. He has more mobility than the other CH cats. He's got a very affection side and than he has a very ornery/playful side. Remember, our boy is also deaf, so he cannot hear if a cat meows loudly, if he would play too hard. He's learning though as to what is "proper cat play behavior". Give him time--he's doing just fine and in the meantime, we are keeping a close eye on his play antics with the cats and kittens.

We have a new cat to add to the Rescue Center. She had been hanging around an apartment complex since January. A few people were feeding her. She's a young adult, black and white and so very sweet. She loves people and seems to get along well with the other cats. Her name is Mira. It's pronounced mirrra. Her name means peace in Slavic.

Remember to hug your cat today!

Help! I've climbed too high!