Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday, May 23

No more contractors needed!  No more building people needed! The cats have been watching different types of construction this past year and they now have it down pat. They've decided any further building that needs to be done can be done by them! Octavia will head it up (she wants more kitchens), Gallant says he can sling a hammer better than humans, Preakness can now pour concrete as she watched all day yesterday and Paddy Purr says he can indeed put a roof on now! We have such talented cats. Magenta will be the quiet overseer. We've got quite a team here!

Yesterday, the two sidewalks were formed and poured. Today, we'll work on sprucing them up--adding the mulch, pebbles and tidying up the area. We'll also rake the dirt up, spread out grass seed and put straw on it all. Also today the floor guys will arrive! I'm so excited about this. A week from today, the floor will be done, but will need to "set" for a couple more days. Then the furnace will be put in, the countertops, cabinets and mop boards put in. Then...........we finally get to move in! I can hardly wait! 

Derecho has discovered the joy of licking out baby food jar lids--he likes it! Every scrap is licked off! Cozarelii spent time yesterday looking and looking at the kuranda tower beside my desk. He finally stepped on to it and climbed to the top, all without falling. A nap was then in order! Later I saw he had gotten down too, by himself. So so proud of that boy!

Little Pumpkin and Ginger are out and about a bit more. They are so tiny, yet so confident and brave. Their little legs can run--they are strong. Won't be long until Catsparella's kittens are also out--they know now what the door is and like to try to escape out of the room. Can you imagine those 7 too added to the mix of kittens running around?

We had BOXES last night! Fun, exciting and we're so grateful!
Mayumi from Japan--12 packets of Jap-anese kitty food.  Derecho loves it!
Wolfpatch/Dave--2 wonderful Hummingbird feeders for Catathon
Dave and Cindy from CA--Beautiful crocheted king size bed cover, made with over 1000 yoyo pieces and 180 hours of labor, for the Catathon  Extra thanks!
Mary K/mckane from PA--donation to use as needed (get something special for Pumpkin). For the catathon: Knitters Basket--big box full of gorgeous yarn, of all colors!, complete set of circular needles, box of stitch pattern cards "101 stitches to knit"
PhilnCleo from NJ--picture of beautiful Cleo, gold dipped teal flower in memory of Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda. For the catathon--collection of Android figures
Gina S/catlvr4 from OH--card, 2 cans sardines. For the Catathon--2 shawls (purple & blue), doggie ring. Girls basket--hair band/ties, glove puppet kit. Boys basket--bug collector, spiderman towel. Spa Basket--eye mask, lavender soap Kitty basket--3 can covers.
Wanda from WI--Portraits by Wanda--new flyers with some of our FFRC cats on them! For the Catathon--drawing of Zsa Zsa sleeping in the palm of mls's husband  (mls took pic)  Awesome!
Beth A/eaglewacher from IL--TY notes/envelopes with Derecho's picture, return labels and stamps with Derecho's pic! Love them!
Catherine/svcathy/Scott D from CA--card. For Rescue Center--little book for little bathroom, big red/white mug "It's my Cat's World". For the Catathon: spa and relaxation basket complete with lots of extra awesome lavender items--essential oils, soap, bubble bath, sachet, eye pillow, booties, blankie--a wonderful basket! All from their Sonoma town
Mary I/marysbabies3 from IL & Jim and Nina, Baby and Cody--Happy Birthday card and toys for Tabitha, 2 lavender hand towels and 1 bath towels, lotion, sponges, styrofoam plates, kitty wipes, Pounce and other snackers. For the Catathon--kitty tin, butterfly napkins/hotpads/napkin holder, kitty figurine, Christmas kitty candle holder, 4 kitty mugs, kitty monthly card holder and 3 colorful fish for decoration (for nautical basket)
M J from MA with Frankie & Meggie--bag of royal canin dry food, kitty snackers, gravy sensations, kitty card, 2 awesome catnip mice (they like it!) and LOTS of catnip pads, all tied with a cute ribbon and individually wrapped!

You might have noticed Cutie's fur is disappearing. We're on top of it, or so we hope. Our vet has had us switch to a different medicine for our Cutie girl. She has an obsessive licking compulsion that sometimes gets the best of her. I believe this different med will be of help to her. We'll have to ask her to lick the kittens instead! 

I saw Sara (the kitten) fall asleep yesterday.........on the top of the palm tree! She had herself intertwined and was safe and sound. Dovie loves the windows in the Kabana Room--she can be found there at any time (other than when she's on her favorite step), just watching the birds. What a really nice cat. Her other favorite thing is to have her back scratched. Maui has discovered that when the 6 kittens are out of Dodger's Pen that it's time to hop in there herself and feast on their baby dry kitten food--a real treat! 

Fabio dares you to rub his tummy!