Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, May18

What was that pitiful mewing sound? One of the little gold white kittens went rushing up to Linda and cried and cried. Seemed so distressed. What happened? She brought the kitten to me for identifying. It turns out it was Theo--one of the Thumper's Room kittens. When the door opened, he must've slipped into the main area. He was ever so glad to get back to his siblings and his room! Those 5 sure can romp and play!

Also this morning, we had the door open to June's Room for a little while. Kitty Q and her two kittens came out for a short little walk-about. Then they went back in and napped--must've been an exhausting adventure! All are doing great.

We had the cam in Catsparella's room for a while this morning. Little Meg and Fiona are a bit thin, so they were supplemented this morning. They may be thin, but they're active! They have all left their nest again and now call the lower level of the Kuranda Tower their new nest. All 7 of these kittens are so so friendly.

We had BOXES last night. Such wonderful gifts, of which we are thankful for.
TwoLoons in MA--For the Catathon--a picture made of FFRC dryer lint--including blue for eyes, etc. Has a Bubble Gum wrapper background.  For Jacci--a picture also made with FFRC dryer lint with a Reeses PB cup as the background. These are absolutely AWESOME pictures. So crafty and means a lot to me! Thank you! The one for the Catathon will be a Big Ticket Item. Thanks to Judy S and Janet for helping on this end to make these possible for TwoLoons to create these pictures!
Cathy/ordinarydiva and Squeaky from NY--a letter from Sqaueaky and a donation in memory of Donna Summer, post it notes, Sharpie pins, special snackers,freeze dried Shrimp snackers too
Nokittymomma--2 cases of baby food Turkey & Chicken
Oilsandgirl--case of Baby food turkey, 2 bags of Royal Canin baby dry and a case of Royal Canin baby cans
Anonymous Friend--NINE cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Mitty208 with Tinker and Sasha--pop tabs for Kellen, 5 bags of snackers, Appetizers, stickers, Paw Points. For the Day Sale--kitty plaques with place for kitty picture
Arden & Charmaine--10 cans of Reeses sardines! For the catathon: Amish popcorn, 2 homestyle noodles, fruit mix hard candies, 2 cans of Amish meat, Amish tiny Tender popcorn and a Sweet and Sour Dressing
Drew Strouble from FL--awesome! signed and numbered Cat prints "Double Trouble" and "Final Warning" and a framed print called "KiKi", thanks to Herta B.  These are beautiful drawings and will be in the Catathon
Ellen/Furkitty and Pat/Cathouze--card and a walmart gift card for Derecho and Farrah's Birthdays!

Our new cat condo arrived yesterday safe and sound. These are big, heavy condos and I'm so grateful this time, that it arrived undamaged. This condo will go into the existing Thumper's Room and the giant one that's in there now, will go into the extended Thumper's Room.

We also received some PayPal donations. Thanks so much!
Sheila H from Canada--donation for FFRC
Melissa M--donation for FFRC
Connie & Tookie S from OH--donation for FFRC
Janet C from VA--donation for Feliz Navidad Medical Fund
Nancy G from MI--donation for Feliz Navidad Fun
Aunty Fi--donation for Feliz Navidad fund

I try to mention this every so often. If there's ever a time I have neglected to mention something, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. Or if I have any information wrong, please let me know. I don't mind and I would always like to rectify these things! Thanks.

Yes, today is the big day. The Day Sale starts at 11 am (FFRC time). I thought this time it may help to post the prices on the items. That may save some confusion. 
Kitty Key Chains                    $4                 Bondies                     $5
"Peed on that" magnet            $6               Hand warmers           $6
Jewelry/zipper pulls               $6                 Scarf #64                  $6
Jewelry bracelets, many colors  $8             Hot cup/dish holder    $8
Warped Coasters                   $10               Ceramic coasters       $20
Key fobs                              $5/$10            Sir Emerson pin worthy Bear  $10
Hand warmers/scarf set        $12                Leggy Dews              $12  (sorry, increase)
Quilted blankets                    $15               Cat on fence blankies  $15
Jewelry necklace in pouch    $15                 Betty Tales Books       $15
Cat nip mats                        $15                  Mike's FFRC CD's     $15
Teacup sets (china)              $15                  Lola 9 Lives Bear       $15
Cat Doll                              $20                   Quillows                   $30
Cat Plastic Bag Holders        $30                  Tan afghan               $40
Warped Rugs                      $40                   Plaques with pic       $12

Thank you so much for your support of these Day Sales. This will be the last one until things are "done and dusted" after Catathon!  

Remember too, the 24 hour drawer/bed sale is going on right now and will end at 6 pm.  Check out the FB chatters page. After this one, we will have one more 24 hour sale (next week). After the Catathon, we will continue to have a few more of these. 

Pushkins and Pushkiss are inside the temporary empty Dodger's Pen (it'll be cleaned shortly). There's a ping pong ball in there that they are swatting around at 100 mph! Such fun. Yesterday, I went with Caryn to a garage sale. Before I left, the cats asked that I buy them something different for them to play with. So............I did! I found a four foot long thick snake with two heads! It's on the floor for them to play with. Have already seen one kitten take a nap on it, with the belly on the top of the snake. And I've seen two of the adults (Polo and Spruce) approach it very very slowly, like they weren't sure what that thing is on their floor! Polo swatted at the left head! Gotta love these cats! 

Now, is this cute, or what?!! Just love this boy Walter. He is at his cuddliest in the early morning! Can't get enough head rubs and pettings!