Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday, April.16

Busy in the front, busy in the back! The guys are digging out front. We will never have to worry about water coming in again. They are digging a line, to lay a drainage pipe from around Kitty Kabana to the drainage ditch in the front by the road. Problem solved! 

The "mudders" are also here. They are on tall stilt legs, working on the ceiling. As soon as the prep is done, they'll be spraying the ceilings. Give it a day to dry and then the ceiling can be painted! Progress is being made. 

Our 6 little kittens Caliboo, Calidora, Bixley, Bix, Jemison and Remison are doing great. They are eating about 80% on their own now. Sloppy little kitties! Oh well, we love them anyway! They are playing so much more now and climbing. Then when they sleep, they are out like a rock! Such cute babies.

Kitty Q and Catsparella's babies are also doing great. They all have round tummies. Mommies are feeling good too. Not being too restless in their rooms. 

We took in a little black/white kitten yesterday. He's about 5-6 weeks old and very thin. He came from a place that has been abandoned. Cats and kittens abound there. I talked to the lady who has been going over to feed them about trapping them. Maybe this will happen--sure hope so. But this little one is safe. He's got a bit of a cold, but workable. He'll be named soon. 

We also took in another mama and her five kittens yesterday. They were left in a soft crate at the door overnight. Mama is a torti, young and very friendly. Her 5 kittens are about 4 weeks old. We have 1 tiger/white (male) and 1 orange tiger (female) and 3 orange/white tigers (1 girl and 2 boys). Pretty cute babies! They too have been tested and are negative.

Wonderful news about Mira. A family called looking for their missing cat. I always ask people that are bringing healthy looking cats in, if they are SURE that the cat doesn't have a home. Apparently, Mira has a home, verified by a picture. So, she is going to become an inside cat now. Yes, she is pregnant. After the kitties are 6 weeks old, FFRC will pay for her spay and check up. She seemed to be happy to see her family!

Latest on Linden, Buckeye and Cypress: All is well! Yes, these three boys have adjusted. The biggest help is that they are together and their new family is patient. But, things sound really good there. 

We had BOXES last night! We are a big happy, thankful group to you! 
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze--tuna bed, case of Fancy Feast  and a case of Appetizers, cuddle pal for babies, turbo track, cat bowl scratcher
Holly W from MI--card, donation in memory of Heaven, Jack & Bond and for the sardine fun
June K/painteddaisy from NY--donation/card, 3 visa gift cards, 1 walmart gift card, 4 PeeWee Pillow Pets, L-Lysine powder, Keebler cracker, sardines, 4 cool micro fiber towels, Crystal lite and Lipton tea packets, case of Lemonade boxes and 10 pk Lemon ice tea.
Ruth Ann D/Twiggiesmom from CO--Mother's Day card from Center kitties, Porchies, Covies and Barnes!
Camalot from TN--dontion for the sardine challenge
Maggie J from MA with Mickey, Frankie and Maggie--Hip Hip Hooray card for voting win, Bag of Royal Canine baby, bag of Royal Canine cat, 2 butterfly toys, case of Appetizers, 5 kitty snackers and THIRTY cat nip mats!
Theresa from PA--3 wonderful handmade bird feeders--love them!
Faithy--created a poem for Paddy about his cat go round wheel! Thanks, Faithy!

There have been lots and lots of questions and "wonderings" about the ustream ads. Clay and I have posted a new post in our website labeled Ustream Crisis. Go to it, read it, and see if this helps with some of the explanation of what's going on. Unfortunately, there's not a lot we can change at the moment. Rest assured that we are working on this problem. Check for updates daily as we will do our best to keep things posted for you. Thank you.

We have a Petfinder update! Our top 12 cats that have been viewed are: Linden, Zelda, Goodness, Raza, Tabitha, Maui, Haylow, Preakness, Octavia, Tizzie, Spruce and Dove.

I overheard Pania and Cutie arguing this morning as to who is the prettiest--they finally called it a tie! They're both beautiful!