Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday, May 27

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all those that served this country or are serving now. Your service is valuable and appreciated. 

Next week Pushkins and Pushkiss will be making their way to their new home in Maine. How exciting for them. They are two wonderful boys that we've known since they were teeny tiny. AP, the new returnee, was in my lap this morning. We've made progress! Makes me happy when I can see a newbie relax and start enjoying their life here. 

Yes, Doce is back. His little bum is causing problems again. He's already on top med doses, so we'll start his laser treatments again. A talk or visit to the vets will be in order too. We have to get this kitty better, all the way and stay that way. Kellen needs him. 

Yesterday afternoon was a different kind of day! We trimmed and bathed Sam and Dina's dog, Stella. Then we bathed Cami--my black dog. Janie was next--she was shaved and bathed. Next came the farm animals. Butter and Clyde (the donkeys) were brushed out. I trimmed both of their feet too. Dawn brushed out Millie the donkey and Mercy the Appaloosa. All four received their fly spray too. Topped off their day with an extra batch of hay and they were happy! 

We had BOXES night before last. Many thanks to you for your gifts.
SonJa--who is visiting for a week!!--dry erase markers, Lysol wipes, packing tape, scratch pads, face clothes, pop tabs for Kellen, sardines, volunteer snacks including ketchup chips, 2 laser toys, post it notes, binder clips, feather toys for Derecho, mylar balls, coil toys
Ellen/kikimycat--Birthday card for Big Al with picture and a poem
Dorothy P/NMcatlover from NM--Hello Kitty necklace, ring, earrings and watch, all for the Catathon
Wonderteach from OH--Cat Crossing sign for FFRC
Mayumi, our friend from Japan--12 packets of the Japanese kitty food creamy chicken and 3 packets of special kleenex tissue!
Janet S and Toby and Harley--a $40 donation made to FFRC, in honor of Steve and my's anniversary to go to the Feliz Navidad Fund!  Thanks, Janet.

There will be another big load of packages going out on Tuesday. We will then have about 90% of all the orders out. If you find there is an error, please don't hesitate to let me know.

The sweetest boy in the cat world, in the mornings, is Walter! He has stored all his affectionate cells for the morning greeting! I truly love greeting him in the morning. His head has to stay in contact with a hand or he WILL find the hand and stay right there, glued to it! I love it. And his very loud! 

The Covies were out again yesterday and all came back for their bedtime. I love it how they do that. Connie (volunteer) is an expert at coaxing them back in--food helps too! They sure do love having a couple days a week where they can run around like crazy cats! They love the new sidewalk that goes from the parking lot to the door of Cat's Cove. They think it was made for them to have cement-rolling-around-time! Love these Covies! They are doing great. 

Dahnay has spent a couple nights in Kitty Kastle with SonJa. They've both have enjoyed it. Asha and Pushkiss are curled up together sound asleep on the orange cushie in the Kabana room. Tabitha is doing her usual morning trick--as soon as the door to Dodger's Pen is open, in she goes to get her share of the baby dry kitten food--it's her favorite. Zsa Zsa is finally napping. That little tiny girl has a belly that's as big as Octavia's--she loves to eat! All is well here at FFRC!

Cozarelii says Hi and also that he LOVES those chicken snackers!