Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday, May 25

A very special day to me. Today is Steve's and my anniversary! 40 years. Wow--where does the time go. He is the most patient, wonderful person there could be! I love my family!

Cutie has a job that she is taking seriously. She's the bather of the babies. Yesterday, she must've bathed at least 9-10 different kitties! She closes her eyes and licks and licks and licks! What a wonderful girl she is. Needless to say, the babies love her!

Asha's fur is gorgeous--I tell her she looks like she has sable fur. It just shines and glows. She is right now snugged up to Abbott and Zsa Zsa here by my desk. Goodness is right above them looking at the three-some. Not sure if she wants to join them or not. 

Yesterday, the Covies had a run of the barnyard--full out running and stretching their legs. It must feel so good to them. They all come back for supper and Connie's sweet talking. They're all back safe and sound. Mayor Anony was up here in the back yard--sitting on top of the swingset, surveying his land.

Solee is playing by my desk--doing her usual thing. She takes a coil spring toy and plays with it. She'll carry it, drop it, bat it and chase it. Only to do it over and over again. 

Sonja is visiting FFRC, from Canada. We also had a overnight visit by Jobo who picked up Sonja at the airport. Catlady/Joni was here too for three days. We love visitors. Joni took over the care of topping off tummies during the day and then passed on this "job" to Sonja. She'll continue this until her time here is done. 

The floor guys were here for just a short while yesterday. They swept up the "seed" (what they call the chips they spread on the floor) and then put another layer of epoxy on the floor, followed by another layer of seed. They will be back on Tuesday, Weds., Thursday to finish the floor. It takes a while for this process, but it does become a forever floor!

We had BOXES last night. I am grateful to you all.
Josie--Becky's granddaughter--2 appetizers, kitty toys, bag of snackers and 6 cans of Fancy Feast. This is one sweet little girl, who is so nice to the kittens
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--7 collars for the resident cats (one reserved for Zelda--you're a trickster, Widdle!) (I did have a discussion with Zelda--she says she loves me, but she's still hoping for that forever home!  She'll keep me posted!)
Jeff B from IA and Sylvester and Jack--letter with pictures of his kitties. For Jacci--a 2.5 x 2.5 paper artwork of Tuxedo Kitty with Daisy by Matthew Bass. For the Catathon a 5 x 7 paper artwork of Tuxedo Kitty by Matthew Bass.  He does beautiful work. Thanks, Jeff!
Tigercat/Julie--2 awesome recipe/cookbooks for the kitchen Catathon basket, a case of Fancy Feast Kitty and a case of Sheba for Magenta
Ellen/Furkitty and Pat/Cathouze from FL and Tori, Bobbie, Maggie, Tux, Rafa, MamaWy, Sadie, Dixie, GT, Scooter and Louie the doggie--4 bags of snackers, case of Fancy Feast appetizers, 8 cans of Fancy Feast, roll of large trash bags and three Quillows--Southwestern, blue floral and country hearts
Paula A/Miss Paula40--2 bags of kitty snackers, birthday card for Farrah with 2 bags of snackers and pull stringle wiggle toy. Birthday card for Derecho with 2 bags of snackers and a feather toy (he dived into the snackers!)
WarpedinMN/Connie G & Joe--for the Catathon from Connie--the wonderful Cat on the Fence afghan-tans, black--it's beautiful.  From Joe--a stained glass picture--it's gorgeous. Thanks to you both!
Littlefrank--stuffed lion for Joline. For the Catathon--lots of things for various baskets! 2 tiger blankies, Boys Pooh coloring booko with 24 pack crayons, muscle racer suv. Girls princess coloring book with 24 pack crayons, hair scrunchies, make up, hair bow, barbie doll.  Bag of kitty toys for cat basket and 2 neat light up white pillows! Also a doggie snacker for each dog--they say thanks too!
PSW--for the Catathon: limited edition print by Charles Wysocki called "Maggie the Mess Maker". It's simply beautiful. This will be a big ticket item.

Also big thanks for these PayPal donations:
Gusti from Germany--for drinks for volfunteers and visitors!
Furkitty & Cathouze--donatation in loving memory of Blackjack
Lana H--donation to use wherever needed
KimK from MI--donation in honor of sister Pam's birthday (peterpam).  Happy Birthday, Pam!

We had a cat returned to us this week. She is 4 1/2 years and arrived originally on 12/13/08. She was just 9 weeks old. Her name is AP, short for Animal Planet. She arrived at the time we found out we were awarded the Cat Hero of the Year Award by The Animal Planet--hence her name! She wasn't here long as she was adopted within a week. Both of her owners have passed away and unfortunately she was placed outside in April. But, all is well now, as we have her back! She's a brown tiger and will come into the main area very soon.

We've received our report from PetFinders. The top 12 cats that were looked at were: Zelda (!!), Octavia, Spruce, Goodness, Maui, Tabitha, Dove, Dahnay, Raza, Polo, Haylow and PReakness. 

A wise man once said....There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. So love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living. 
This was sent to me by a viewer and I absolutely love this saying. Means a lot to me. 

Maui--a beautiful calico