Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday, May 17

Joyful is becoming even more joyful! Yesterday she let me wipe her eyes without much of a fuss. And she's been playing! It's OUR joy to see her being happier! She's more relaxed. But, when something startles her, wham, she instantly gets "that look" in her eyes again. This morning she spent a little time in the Kabana Room and seemed to be very relaxed, then when a noise startled her, she panicked. But she has made great strides in the "relax mode" department. 

We knew it was going to happen soon and it did. Catsparella's kittens have spilled out of their nest! These tiny little babies are toddling about on the floor now. So very sweet to watch them. She's such a wonderful mama. She's also quite thin as she's producing a lot of milk. We are feeding her very often and she's a good eater. Little Meg was even was at the door crying. We told her no way was she coming out yet--way way too small.

Our sweet Joline has figured out something she really likes. Sarah had a big stack of cushies piled up this morning and Joline spied them. Up she went and plopped down in the middle of the top one! So comfortable and so cuddly for her. When she looks at you, it seems like she's all eyes--they're huge!

I talked to Wanda, the portrait maker yesterday. She is donating an original portrait of Putter and one of Zsa Zsa for the Catathon. They are both awesome. We're talking about the possibility of doing copies of Zsa Zsa for later! What a gift Wanda has. Her website is:

We had BOXES last night. I so much appreciate every box and envelope that arrives.
PhilnCleo from NY--For Birthday boy Derecho: Bonito flakes, motion activated light balls and a Yeoow Banana. Derecho ate some Bonito flakes right away
Butterflyclass from Belgium--sent all the way from Belguim for our birthday boy Derecho! The class sent 100 kisses to Derecho--evidenced by "smooch marks" on paper, then laminated and they also sent a handmade Hugs for Derecho sweater bed--soooo cute!
Jenny and Hannah (our special friend) from IN--2 love chains for Farrah and Derecho, covered in stickers!, card with stickers, Sardines to share for all, Temptation snackers for Derecho and Party Mix snackers for Farrah
Melissa & Paul R from VA--Farrah's Happy Birthday card, 2 packs of coil toys, cat nip squirrel and 2 cases of her favorite Friskies gravy sensations
Ruth S/Racecat3--For the Catathon: 3-1000 piece puzzles (dogs, kitty & birds), 2 pencil color by number sets, DVD with 12 animal movies and a Frisbie yard golf set
Connie/warpedinMN--38 cat nip pads (with zippers) and 24 blankies (12 blue/12 pink)--all for the Day Sale
Cheryl M from OH--coupons
Napa/Donna--card and a note
FaithyMD--Birthday card for Farrah and a birthday card for Derecho
Mary & Jim with Nina, Baby, Cody & Irwin--Birthday card for Derecho and a donation for Derecho
Phil & Maryann from OH--chief tapes, bunch of paw points and a donation
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Ellen/kikimycat--birthday card with Farrah picture on it with a poem and a birthday card with Derecho picture on it with a poem

We also received some PayPals of which I'm very grateful for.
Caren F from CA--in memory of Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda
Donna S from MA--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Margaret H from NC--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Helen M from UK--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Carmel D from France--donation to FFRC
Sheila H from Canada--in memory of Feliz Navidad and also in support of Walter
Ann F from Canada--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Faith M from MD--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Renee C--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Pat L from KS--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Arden and Charmaine from IN--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Charlene & James P from MS--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Cheryl G from TN--in memory of Feliz Navidad
Ingrid S from Netherlands--in honor of Derecho's first Birthday
Judith M--in honor of Farrah, Rory and Derecho's birthday and in memory of Feliz
Peggy & Bernie G from NY--in memory of Feliz Navidad

I would like to say a special thank you for your support of the Feliz Navidad Medical Fund. She is the reason for this special fund that we have set up. She triumphed over a major medical problem when she first arrived. Feliz's life wasn't that long (only 3 1/2 years) but she loved her life and enjoyed being loved on. Thank you for helping with this fund--it gives us financial resource to help cover some of our "over and above" medical costs on the rescue cats. 

Tonight! Yes, it's tonight--the next auction! We have 7 absolutely awesome drawer/beds to be bid on. I want to say something first though. We have not sent out the last batch of beds YET. But they will go out very soon. We had to order special legs for them and they just arrived. After their paint job is done, they'll be taken to be sent out right away. They are coming! Now, for this weeks auction--there are 7 drawer/beds and they are pretty fancy! We'll be showing them today, but you can go to the Chatters FB page and view them. Bids start promptly at 6:00 tonight and will end at 6:00 pm tomorrow night.  To place a bid, all you need to do is click on the picture or the comment icon below the picture. Keep it simple--enter the letter of your choice, the amount of the bid and then your chatter name--that's all! Joni R made the drawer/beds for this week's auction. 

Tomorrow! Yes, it's tomorrow--our next Day Sale! We have some really fun things to show you! It will start at 11:00 am (FFRC time). Come join the fun--right there on the cam! We also have lots of leggydews and catnip pads. 

The 6 Dodger's Pen kittens are running about. That little Remison, Jemison and Bix are so so small yet, but their energy level is strong. Ginger and Pumpkin are now playing all over in June's Room--they have a few kitty climbing toys and they love to show off their skills. Little Ernie/EB and BlackJack sure look alot alike. Both are so sweet. 

Joline--she's already beautiful, but can you imagine when she's all filled back out? Stunning!