Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday, May 16

What a wonderful cat Spruce is. He is again, on my desk. He loves to be petted and I think he'd give his heart to anyone that would spend alot of time petting him. Sometime, somewhere, that perfect home will come for him.

The progress on Thumper's Room and the Mail Room continues! Dion now has all the vinyl wall panels up and almost all of the electric outlet covers are now in and hooked up. Today the inside window frames will be put up then it'll be our job to get them painted. Possibly end of next week, the new floor can be started! So exciting. Cannot wait to start using these two much needed rooms!

The six kittens that belong to Dodger's Pen are all cuddled together taking a nice long nap. They are so so tiny, but play so so big! It's hard to believe the friendliness now of the 6 kittens in Thumper's Room. They will now come running to us when we go in. Won't be long until they join the rest of the gang here in the main area. I've seen quite a few of the little kittens on the cat-go-round wheel. It's amazing that they do that!

We had BOXES last night. We are grateful for YOU!
Robin H/MsChiSan--she arranged to get 3 autographed copies of the book: The Chronicles of Zee and Zoe by Deb Barnes. These are awesome story books and will be a big ticket item for the Catathon.
Betz from PA--donation for Cutie and friends plates and food, gift for Martha L
Annette B/furhavenkitties and Jeanette and Flynn, Elsie and Lucky--kitty snackers, appetizers, Purrfectly Chicken, 15 Fancy Feast size cans of food. For the Catathon: Hello Kitty Candy Jar and jelly jeans. For the sewing basket: kitty buttons, paw print ribbon & 2 remnants kitty flannel For Rory's birthday: happy birthday card and from Elsie (who shares his birthday) snackers and an appetizer
Debra T--for the Catathon: a wonderful vanilla spa bath and body care basket
Rebecca and Willow from UK--20 boxes of Bondi licks and 7 washcloths for kitty faces
Lynn/Michlynn from MI--6 beautiful scarves for our Day Sale--beautiful colors
Nancy M/luv4cats from WI--lots of assorted toys and balls. For the Catathon:  recycled tote bag with pockets and shoulder strap, kitchen bread basket, dish washing gloves with paw prints, Animal Rescue site Dish towels with paw prints
Justme--4 cases of baby food, sample Huggies wipes
Stinkypeep/Mimi with Cricket, Sqaueaky & Tuffy--hand made kitty card. For the Catathon: Grand Canyon wind chimes, baby afghan green & white, baby afghan pastel multi color and a beautiful, colorful granny square afghan (Stinkypeep made these!)
JBR109 from FL--2 cases Royal Canin baby can, bag of Royal Canin baby, bag of Royal Canin kitten
Jennifer L--6 gallons of bleach
Pat L/Plee9 from KA and Sandy--7 knitted kitty blankies for FFRC, lots of kitty snackers and Sheba can for Magenta. For the Catathon: Nap Quilt with kitty prints (really nice!)
Caren F--DaBird toy, squeaking bird toy, coils, mylar balls and a Frolic Cat laser toy
Amy/Avonde (volunteer) For the catathon: 5 sets of ceramic kitty coasters
Sherry and David from NY--a Mothers Day card with letter, kitty snackers, 2 bags of Kitten Purina One and pictures of Daves new baby chicks and his kitties Dancer and Dreamer and a great picture of Dave making his birdy treats and windchimes for Jacci (which I love!)
Brookbosse/Brook B from OH--6 Yeoooow catnip bananas
Christine B from VA--donation in honor of her pet that she lost after 17 1/2 years
Neil and Jean S from OH--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Solee just ran thru the office batting a spring coil in front of her. I do believe she also has springs on her legs. Have never seen a cat jump like her! Weeja is here in the office playing with the DaBird toy--that girl too can jump! Zelda is sleeping on my desk...........again. I think she needs an award for being able to sleep the most of all the cats.

I just wanted to share with you about my cat Feliz. Her whole name is Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda. Feliz passed away late last night. She arrived here when she was just 11 weeks old. She had been found frozen to the road in an ice storm. From that incident, she has always showed some  neurological problems. At the beginning of her time here, during her recovery, she had a few seizures but none since then until the last few days. She was just 3 1/2 years old. Way too young. But in the last few days, her seizures became intense. She was loved so much. We also had set up (and will continue) a special medical fund in her name, the Feliz Navidad Fund, that helps us pay for extra above normal medical problems of other cats. Thank you for caring about Feliz. Please always remember to hug and love on your pets every day.

Today is a wonderful day. It's Farrah and Derecho's birthday! Farrah arrived when she was just 7 weeks old. She was found in a woods by a friend, who actually gave Farrah her name. She is now 4 years old. Derecho turns one today! He also arrived when he was 7 weeks old. He was found in a woodpile, where his mama and siblings had left him as he couldn't keep up with them due to his CH. We are honored to have both of these wonderful cats here as permanent residents. Happy Birthday to our dear Farrah and Derecho. They both received some chicken baby food this morning and later today will share Sardines and a can of real chicken with all their friends. Yesterday was Rory's birthday. He's a Covie and such a handsome guy. Today, he is sharing a gift he received--some extra yummy snackers, with all his friends! Rory arrived when he was 9 months old and he is now 2 years old.

Happy Birthday, Derecho! We love you!

Happy Birthday, Farrah! We love you!