Saturday, May 4, 2013

Linden joined his brothers yesterday! It's official--the three woodie boys are together. Buckeye and Cypress are doing awesome. It took them a bit of time to adjust to their new home, but it has happened and they are happy. Linden was very nervous, but it was nice to see the three of them touch noses and recognize each other! I'm sure Linden will relax fairly quickly with the help of his brothers! 

Our new girl, Mira is wonderful. Such a sweetie. We showed her to the cam yesterday. It's pretty obvious she has been an outside cat as she tries hard to get out the door. Let's hope that we can help her realize that indoor living is much better and safer. I walked in the house this morning, and who did I see basking in the sun on the back of the couch but Montana! Didn't even know he had gotten inside the house. He was playing on the cat furniture yesterday, not standing up at all, but pulling himself all over the different levels--we all laughed at his fun!

We had BOXES last night. Thank you so much for these gifts.
Lillian D--donation thru PayPal for the sardine challenge
Gusti from Germany--part of shipping costs for the 6 beds that are being auctioned right now
Brooke B, a day visitor, from Columbus--Cat nip toys, big rat cat toy, treats for the volunteers, Whiska packs for Octavia and friends, dry cat food. She also gave a wonderful card and seashells for the rock garden.
Michelle M/kittycanada1 with Justin & Casey/Purr Meow--Mother's Day card--so nice
Hannah and mom Jennifer--Skippy John Jones kitty card, 2 bottles Tide HE, large pkg kitty wipes, PB&J crackers, mountain travel mix goodies and 24 jars of baby food  Hugs to you, Hannah!
Vixanna R/bagobear from IL--For the Catathon: box of quilting, packages of fat quarter material, cookie cutters, Quilter book of patterns & desserts, 4 winnie the Pooh fat quarters, 2 rolls of kitty material, scrubbers & hot pads for the kitchen
Sheila H/oilsandsgirl--case of appetizers, fancy feast kitten can, medley canned food, a bag of Royal Canin baby cat dry and a whole case of Pampers kitty wipes
Jeanette B & Fur Haven kitties--case of Evo chicken & turkey for Gallant
Linda S/nokittymama--4 bags of Royal Canin baby cat dry
Debra M/kittymama2--pictures of Angel 6 years and Oreo 3 years
Mary H from Archbold (an official volunteer!)--bleach and vinegar

I love this quote: "Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way we cope with it, is what makes the difference".  Author unknown

We are in the middle of our drawer/bed bidding auction. Just go to the FFRC chatter's facebook page to see the latest. This auction ends promptly at 6:00pm tonight. Very shortly after that, we will also announce the winners. At 6:00, we will also have BOXES, but we will stop at 6:30 to do our LIVE afghan auction. This afghan is a beauty. It comes from S. Africa. As soon as this LIVE auction is over, if we still have more boxes, we will continue with them. Busy evening!

I still have a few items left from the last Day Sale. If you haven't received yours yet, please get in touch with me thru the e-mail  We aim to be 100% right. 

Gallants wound is taking another healing phase. It's thinner and narrower and we're getting so close to being done with his treatments. He is only wearing his air collar about half the time. The six kittens, Caliboo, Calidora, Bixley, Bix, Jemison and Remison are eating about half from the plate and half from bottle/syringe feeding. We're making progress! The cats and kittens love having the low windows open in the Kabana Room. The new bird feeders that we put out are now beginning to have a few birds eating at them. Soon, we'll have lots of bird families visiting us! 

Update on the construction: the vinyl siding is now all complete! The outside light fixture is in place. The gutters and downspouts are also in place. Next Tuesday, the "mud blowers" will be here! The guys will be coming to blow the mud onto the ceiling. This will be done in one day, then the ceiling paint can be applied. As soon as that is done, the finished walls will be put in. It's coming along. Tentatively, we have the floor to be done the third week of May, if all goes as planned! We're getting closer to being done. 

Our oldsters are all doing great. Appetites are good and we have happy oldsters. The Covies were out yesterday for a whole day of visiting the farm yard. For the first time ever in all the years we have been here, we have ticks. Lots of ticks. So....every Covie, every Porchie received their monthly flea prevention, but we switched it to Frontline since this one is effective on ticks as well as fleas. We don't want those nasty things on our Covies and Porchies. We combed and combed them yesterday to remove as many as possible. We also sprayed the outside of their buildings. All of them look good and seem to be very happy.

Eb laying on top of Karena which is the only way to keep Karena quiet!!
Eb & Karena/Keesha