Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday May 11

Surgeries are done and all are recovering! We didn't have any problems at all. We also did a physical on one of our volunteer's cat and 3 physicals/heartworm tests and vaccinations on another volunteer's 3 big dogs. The castrations we did were: Ratchet, Arden, Abbot, Abner and Walter. The spays we did were: Ruth Ann, Sara, Karena, Keesha, Januka and Kitty Q. Ruthie Ann had to have one of her upper canine teeth pulled. All the physicals for the surgery cats went great. Kitty Q had her second leukemia/FIV test which was negative. Thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch!

Then Dr. Darcy did some physicals.
Bella-- had her yearly physical--all is well.
Doce--had his poor bum looked at. We're going to add one more med to his treatment and see if we can get this diarrhea stopped again. Other than that, he looks awesome!
Gallant--very impressed with his healing of his wound. Will continue what we're doing.
Paddy Purr--good physical. Shows a 3/6 heart murmur
Pania--left eye is swelling again. Will put her back on a certain eye drop and do it twice a day.
Joline--what a wonderful girl. We both determined she is about 9 years old. She had a very loose tooth so that was pulled. We will continue her special antibiotics for her mouth problems. Other than that, her physical was good.

Many thanks to Dr. Darcy, Bonnie, Lynnette and Sue for helping with the surgeries. Our next surgery date is 6/1.

Little BlackJack is doing good. His cold appears to be gone. Today he has been meeting a few little kitty friends. The 5 kitties that are in Thumper's Room are doing wonderful! They are still being syringe fed but today started eating a little by themselves from the plate! Doce has been playing with them in Thumper's Room. He purrs and they purr back at him--so sweet. And good news today--little Bix finally started eating by himself. Such good news! They are so so tiny yet, but they can climb out of their pen the second the door is opened!

We had BOXES last night. Thank you very much for helping the rescue center.
MsNiceinVA--$200 for postage on the second round of kitty drawer beds.
Tom & Nancy/Kerswill (day visitors)--an awesome rustic pine and spruce kitty bed for the Catathon, 7 kitty pads for FFRC, white handmade baby sweater and 3 beautiful baby afghans and a beautiful baby girl dress  THere's also fleec fabric to give to Angie, doggie treats, horse treats, round scratchers for turbo toy, pop tabs for Kellen, kitty toys
Brookeb--big kitty bed, which Joline took a nap in immediately and looked so comfortable
Medic101/Laura--case of Fancy Feast poultry & beef
Janet/Janak--2 bags of kitty snackers
Anonymous Friend--3 Friskies cases--poultry, meaty bits & seafood
Kathy J/KatandBuster--bag of Royal Canine baby cat dry, case of Royal Canin baby cat cans, 3 large bottles of Mr. Clean NZ meadow!
Cheryl G from TN--case of KMR liquid
Middy208--for the Catathon: PawPrint designs for a wine stopper, measuring spoons, muffin pan, candy tray and a hot pad. Also 2 freezer wine coolers bags
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/Cathouze and Tori (the seamstress) in FL--kitty balls, 4 bags of kitty snackers, case of Fancy Feast chicken, case of Fancy Feast Appetizers, case of baby food, bag of Eukanuba kitten
Tracy T/coolbreeze from MD--case of Whiskas purrfectly chicken, package of Fancy Feast dry food, 3 bags of kitty snackers. For Jacks mom Ruth--picture of Jack in a pretty frame, necklace that will hold some of Jack's ashes
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--4 gallons bottles of Mr. Clean
Sly & Christine (weekend visitors)--case of babyfood and a walmart gift card
Anonymous Friend--Laurel Burch kitty basket FILLED with a huge assortment of Laurel Burch pet items (tunnel, bowls, toys, collar, pet mat, bed). Also a human Laurel Burch Baseket FILLED with items: pillow with cats, kitty socks, luggage tags, eyeglass holder, bookmark, magnets, a beautiful throw with kitties, a print "Fantastic Felines" print, tablet cover, umbrella, large blue tote, 3 books for various needs for the Catathon and notecards for FFRC
Kikimycat--birthday cards for Rory and Catsparella
FFRC gang with help from Abby, Boo and their momma--Mother's Day card and a donation for where ever its needed
Conii G--Derecho, Solee & Cozarelii- mothers day card
ColorEagle--donation for the sardine festival
Msowl--donation for the sardine fun (because Janet didn't gag!)
Maryann & Peanut Butter--mothers day card with coupons
Theresa H from IN--donation for FFRC
RoseSF6cat--article about a rescue
DeWitty--donation for FFRC

We received the $10,000 check from!!  Yahoooo--it's here and I love those zeroes! Thank you ten thousands times for all the votes given to FFRC! YOU made this possible!

I also have some thanks to give to those that donated thru PayPal:
Judith M--donation to FFRC, in honor of Janak
Denise C from FL--donation for Octavia and Raza
Lillian D from VA--postage to cover shipping of the drawer beds
Deb B/solitaryDancer--doation for anything needed to help raise the little kittens, to be comfy and learn to love and trust
Shari/sillysticks--donation for the sardine feast
Isabelle H from FL--donation to help with Gallant's medications
Anne B from VA--donation in honor of her mom Linda B
Anna B from France--donation for the sardine fun
Faith M from MD--for Janet and Amy for the sardine festival

We also had an adoption today! Our sweet little Sprint went home with Kelly (who helps here) and her husband Chris. Sprint is going to be big-time loved and spoiled, which is exactly what we want!

Putter asked to come out of the house yesterday. The door was opened, he came out, sat on the middle of the floor, walked to the other door and went back in! Made me laugh! The construction guy was here yesterday. Dion put up two panels of the fiber wall boards and also hung four of the lights in the Mail Room. More progress!

All is fine here. Kitties are happy and playing, as are the cats too. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Haylow--what a really nice young cat. She's still looking for a home.