Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday, May 30

Grrrr here and Grrrr there. AP is a hoot. She loves my desk and has claimed it, although she does allow Farrah and Zelda rights to it too! Actually, the cats are starting to figure her out--her grrrrrs don't mean a thing! She's a really nice adult cat that loves to be petted and loved on. 

We are truly kitty over-runneth here. There's so so many that needs homes, but the sad fact is there are not enough homes for them. We had said no more kittens can come--we are full. But that didn't last too long. Yesterday, we took in 5 more kittens that would've been euthanized had we not taken them. They are not named yet, but are about 6 weeks old, tested (all negative!), bathed, wormed, capstarred and they happen to be cute. Have you ever seen a kitten that is not cute? Me either! So............truly we are full to overflowing and are praying for homes. This 6 group has medium to long hair--some are black/white and some are Abbott look alikes but with white feet. 

The floor guys were here already today and are done. And I mean DONE! The last coat went on which is the urethane. This coat makes the floor a tiny bit "soft" so it doesn't take scratches as well. We sure do love these epoxy floors--so very tough and looks very nice. We will be able to walk on it on Sunday! Dion will be here on Monday to put on the mop boards. Monday late afternoon, the newly donated refrigerator will arrive and we'll be moving the storage shelves, surgery table, etc. in! 

We had BOXES last night. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Connie S & Tookie--5 kitten design hair barrettes (very pretty!)
Lucy P/LuLittle from the UK and kitty Benny--a book called "Oscar the Bionic Cat" by Kate Allan. A wonderful story that I've already started!
Chris H--3 blankies--2 Hello Kitty and one pink one. Very nice!
Mayumi from Japan--for the Humans--5 packages of Japanese style chicken soup. For the rescue center--mobile drinker water bottle, 6 packets of extra soft tissues and 9 packages of "Tullie" (cream of chicken kitty food)
Tom/TomA68 and Gillian from UK--card. For the Catathon: cross stitch kitties, cross stitch webbing with printed pattern, material squares for quilting or other projects, Pattern books.  Jewelry: 2 bracelets with blue white and lavender stones, silver necklace with tree medallion, lots of cross stitch kits
Beth A/Eaglewatcher86--JW cat action magnetic motion toy (it's here in the office right now with 3 kittens playing with it!), bunches of Purr Bites dried chicken and shrimp snackers
Arden & Chairmaine--case of Fancy Feast can, case of Friskies can and 8 cans of liquid KMR
Rebecca and Willow from UK--birthday card for Derecho, wash cloths for kitty faces. For Catathon--3 fun sponges, rubberduckies, toy bags, bathtime cars, alphabets, drawstring bag for wet toys. For Kitty Catathon basket--2 crinkle tunnels, 2 teaser cat toys. For Hello Kitty basket--stuffed toy, blanket, "dehydrated" wash cloths, party accessories. For kids basket--bucket of craft goodies, pink "upside down" black kitty tote, wallet, headbands & ponytail holders
Cheri B--box from "Spoiled Rotten" (, amazing cat toys "Bling mice", 3 snackers, Kitty Kahuna Fat cat toy with catnip, natural chemistry flea spray
Kikimycat--Happy Birthday card for Tabith with poem
JBR from FL--8 cans of KMR
Aunty Fi from UK--5 cans of KMR & a bag of Royal Canin baby cat dry 
Lawrence G--PayPal donation for FFRC

The 7 kittens that consist of the two litters are now in Dodger's Pen. So so sweet. They will get some stretch out time in Kitty Kabana today where they can run and play while their pen is being cleaned. They have four levels in their pen, to give them more space to be kitties! 

Gallant is getting heavy duty work on his last remaining area of his burn. He's getting laser treatments daily and two saline soaks a day--each lasting about an hour. We so want to finish this treatment for him and get him ready to find his own home. He's a wonderful, loving cat.

A cam friend gave me the perfect word for our CH cats, one eye cats, 3 legged cats or any cat that may have a disability--it's "exceptionalities". I love that! We do indeed have exceptionalities here! 

Don't let this cuteness fool you! Judson and Tatiana can be very ornery!