Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018

There's alot of zooming going on here. Sometimes it's best just to stand still while they zooming cats race by you---it's safer that way! Energy level is high and appetites are good.  

We had an adoption yesterday! Tracker went to his new home. His sole purpose---to be a companion to this couple and be loved on. He's such a good kitten. 

We took on 3 new cats (1 adult/2 kittens). 
Siblings Natima and Cas--These two kittens came in due to the ill health of their dad. Their birthday is 10/20/17, which makes them 11 weeks old. Cas is a light grey tiger and Ntima 
(n-TEE-ma) is all black.  They have a tiny bit of a cold but is responding quickly to antibiotics. They are so having fun playing---they are in the top two pens in the back Thumper's Room.

Adrikk--a big boy, beige and white with a white face. He was hanging around in Defiance, outside in the cold. A man had been keeping track of him and didn't want him outside another night in our frigid temps, so he was brought to FFRC.  He's 21 months old with a birthday of March 6, 2016.  HE's a great cat---seems very happy to be inside and warm. Eating good. A big handsome boy! 

We had BOXES yesterday.  We've been doing BOXES frequently at 4:00.  This time seems to suit my schedule better so I can get my mom's supper at the time that works for her. We will try and post the "4:00" sign to let you know the scoop on those days.
Gerri (Barb W's) sister - 5 Pretty Pillow Covers for Flash Sale
Walter L - Batteries  2 boxes C's, 2 boxes AA's, 2 boxes of D's and a box of AAA's
Snoopybaby with Preakness & Sisters - 18 Single pks of Pringles
Beth/Eaglewatcher - 2 cases of Tuna, and a Huge box of Spoons
Anony - S scratcher for kitties--already being used!
Carri-Bags of:  Nulo Freestyle food, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, & Snuggle Pet,  Probiotics 
Judy W - OH - Chief Tapes
Tom C - IL  Donation for FFRC
Mariann - Donation from her friend Allison C, for Name a Cat Name 
Craig & Shirley T - OH Donation in memory of Keith R
Nancy L - MA  with Sugi, Pika, & Timo - Christmas Card  
Eleanor S/elskates - CT  8 Purina Weight Circles
Gary & Audrey P - WA  Christmas Card with a note  Donation in Honor of the Moine Family
Susan C - OH - Donation for FFRC
Jeanne S - FL  Donation for FFRC

Debbie & Annie - Flash Sale - 3 Pretty Cat Scarves, Mandala Cat Beach Towel, Kitty Shower Curtain,  3 bags of Elsies Litter, Box of Weruva Variety, Box of Sheba pkts, Case of Fancy Feast & 12 cans Blue Wilderness

Art & Charlotte J - 200 6" environmentally friendly plates, Bag of Temptation Snackers,  case of Meow Mix cups, Box of Arm & Hammer Litter, AAA Batteries, 110 13-gal Glad trash bags, 50 30-gal Glad trash bags

Alexandra B-Washington DC - 2 bags Purina One, 4 pkts Broth, 8 bags of Temptation Snackers, Homemade Cookies!  Yummmm

Vixanna/Bagobear - Kitty Chirstmas Card - Donation in memory of Ming, Sea Turtle & Camie
and also in Honor of Pam/Belltime & Beth/Eaglewatcher

Suzanne Dr - OH  New Year Card & Donation with Bobby, Davey, Eddie, Fergus, Gabby, Little Boy, Rufus & Orangie

Eddie & Rita M - Scotland - Christmas Card for FFRC, a gorgeous card for the Vols and one for Jacci & Steve  and a Kitty Calendar

Plus, we have more thank yous!
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Kris M--donation for Eddie White's birthday
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Andrew G--donation to FFRC

We need some prayers and good thoughts for our Covie boy, Marcus. He is having some health troubles right now. We noticed on Weds. that he didn't want to eat his breakfast. He's the kitty that would zoom onto "his" shelf and request his breakfast---actually he would get two helpings.  He didn't want to eat on Thursday either which then sent up red flags. His breathing was accelerated. We brought him up to the rescue center and put in a pen for monitoring. His respirations were very high.  I talked to Dr. Darcy about him and she, another vet and I was very concerned with the possibility of heart trouble.  He went to the vets yesterday for an x-ray which confirmed this. It's called cardiomyopathy. It simply means a diseased heart. His heart is very very large and filled with fluid as are his lungs. This is a condition that strikes especially young male cats. The muscular heart walls are thickened which decreases his heart's efficiency. You may have heard of a young male cat dying suddenly for no apparent reason. Those are many times cardiomyopathy. The heart can send out embolisms/clots to the brain or lungs which can cause a fast death.  Or can settle in the pelvic region, called a saddle clot. This causes paralysis of the hind legs.  I just want you all to understand what is going on.  This is a very serious condition. His respirations are still extremely fast this morning. The lasix helped remove some of the fluid, but not enough. We will do another round of that this morning. But.....the outcome to this is not promising.  The dreadfully horrible part of this is that he is so young and so full of love. The cause for cardiomyopathy remains unknown in many cases. Sometimes it's a genetic mutation and predisposition. We are keeping a sharp eye on him as we do not want him to go into respiratory distress.  He has a treatment plan by our vet. There is no cure for this--we are just hoping to give him some more good quality of time and support to where he can function somewhat normally.  All cats are important to us but Marcus is so young. He arrived on 10/9/16. He's just 2 1/2 years old.  

Purrlissa is doing awesome from her eye surgery. She's running around, making up for lost time.  If you see a blur of fluffy colors running by, that would be her!  Her suture area looks good, her appetite is great. Her mama-to-be ha visited her several times. 

Jones update--he is doing good. I know he missed Sea Turtle. He's doing much better now though. His appetite is good and for right now, his urinary woes are at a minimum. He's a constant "watch" for his urinary tract problems. If you come for a visit, be sure to stop in at PawMart and spend some time with him---he loves it. 

Bambi, Brielle and Bloom continue to feel good.  Each day they improve. They sure love to play. 

Take care, stay warm and enjoy this wonderful weekend.