Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

Markus is a miracle for sure. He has beat the odds for right now. His heart condition is very serious but he obviously is responding to his medicines.  He is receiving a diuretic 3 times daily to keep the fluid out of his lungs and heart. A new medication is also being used with great success. In the past, it was only used for dogs with cardiomyopathy. But recently is being tried on cats. It helps to regulate his heart--to help a diseased heart to work better.  And it's working! And he's a good pill taker. Here's what he is doing--he is ea-[[5tting fairly good, pottying often (which is very good) and he's up walking about. This morning I actually saw him bat a ball and watch it roll! Markus was not expected to survive Friday night---I asked for prayers and good thoughts from you all and I thank you for this. We don't know what his future will be but for right now, we are encouraged. He will always have this severe heart disease but if we can keep the complications of this at a minimum, he can enjoy life again. For now, we are enjoying every minute with him. 

We have thanks to give--know that you are very appreciated!
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Maribel from Zaragoza, Spain--donation for FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with Marcus 

Adrikk is doing good. He seems to be thinking of coming up to the Main Area. We will let him decide when he's ready.  Natima and Cas are coming along--both are a little shy but we're working on that!  

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Petfinder:     Our cats and kittens do not go into Petfinders until they are spayed or neutered. So if you are looking for a pet, remember there are many more here that 

It's happened! Nyla has a home! She was adopted on Saturday. She already has an FFRC cat in the home--Aimee Crocker. Such a great home! We even sent her special bed that she loves with her. Nyla was begging for a home. And it's finally happened! 

The temperature is warmer today and to remain above freezing for a couple days. Now we have rain on top of the snow--great slushy mess.'s nice to have the better temps.  Our propane company had to come yesterday and will return today to fill the tanks again--these frigid temps have caused a huge amount of propane usage. 

Eclair is wonderful. She is comfortable here now and would love a home. Her ideal home is where she could be in a lap and be loved on. She is a meeter-greeter type cat---loves people. 

Coralie is going to have her picture in the newspaper again. It's to remind people what can happen to animals that are outside in this very cold weather. For those that don't know about Coralie, she was severely frostbitten upon arrival. She lost both of her back legs, her ear tips, her tail and a few toes on her front feet. But...she is a survivor and is so very happy. She goes wherever she wants. And yes, sometimes she doesn't make it to the litterbox--she prefers those nice warm towels or rugs right out of the dryer to potty on. And that is ok with us. Our washer and dryer are meant to take care of this! She loves her cushie beds and especially the bed that is under Dodger's Pen--it belongs to her! So when you don't see her on the cam, just think of her in that cozy bed! 

Yesterday, I had a big chuckle. Elsie, Bonnie and Pania were in a circle of sorts. All three were sitting on their haunches, batting in the air at each other! It was so cute. They are of the opinion--we're soul sisters together but we like to swat at each other too! 

Today is Sevaun's birthday. I'm quite sure we see the pizza delivery guy coming with pizzas, all designated for the Covies!