Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28

Mike has made it back to his home safely. I'm so thankful for his coming to FFRC. It amazes me that he offered to come clear across the US, just for the Rescue Center--simply amazing! Thanks, Mike! The sale of the FFRC CD's are going great. If you're interested in purchasing a CD, just go to our website Click on Shop Now and order. All 7 songs are just for FFRC. Even Putter, Paddys, Derecho, Chambo are mentioned in different songs!

Engelina is walking towards me--what a sweet girl. Even with her crooked leg and crooked tail--she can run like the wind. Her heart is big and so is her purr. This is so funny--Spruce is on the INSIDE of a litterbox, digging forever in a corner. Then Puurdue is on the OUTSIDE, same corner, digging like crazy! I think they want to meet in the middle! Those crazy tiger cats!

Pania is cruising about more and more. She hangs out in June's Room, with the door open. She occasionally will come out on her own. Sometimes we put her in different locatins, but always close to June's Room and she'll wander a little bit, and then finds her way back to her room. She shares this with the Pushtwins. She is so sweet--easy to purr and loves to be held.

I believe today is the day that we will top 5 million views on our kittycam. This is just astounding to me. It does my heart good to know so many love our rescue center, volunteers and of course, the cats and kitties! I'm constantly in awe of how well you all really truly know these cats. Thank you for your support.

The Mayor Election is going to be held on the Chatters FB page on Thursday. There has been much hub-bub going on out there in the Cat's Cove. Some bickering and lots of table talk, along with high-five paw shakes--I'm hearing the words--election, I'm the best, voting, candidate, bribery--all kinds of phrases coming from the Cove. They are sooooooooo excited. I told them there will be a special pre-election banquet for them tonight! The top 4 vote-getters will then have the Main election on Friday on Chatters. Election time is 7:00 am EST to 7:00 pm EST. There will be instrucitons on how to vote that morning. Then the winner will be announced Friday night! My vote will be for..........  oops, I better not say here. I'll have the other cats here knocking at the door, demanding an explanation!

Steve and I did go to the movies last night, which usually means no boxes. But, we already had Mondays boxes in the office and upon our return, there were some boxes for Tuesday. So....we decided to open a few of them! What fun! Thanks ever so much for your support!
Arden & Charmaine from IN--big bags of Purina Adult cat food/chicken & rice--this helps our food cabinet immensely  Also a donation made for the general fund--a big thank you

Anonymous friend--2 boxes of 13 gallon trash bags, super soft plush fleece blankets (purple & zebra)
Anonymous friend--2 trays of Temptation chicken flavor & 2 trays of Salmon Temptation treats
Anonymous friend--2 cases of Friskies Pate'
Terri & Patches from CA--(delivered by friend Teddi)--baby food and kitty snackers
Teddi from OH--donation for the Rescue Center
Christine/Kiwi--New Zealand calendar for 2013 and a Christmas card
James & Kathy T--Christmas card and donation for their sponsored Emaline
Michelle B/crittercat from CT--card and donation
Jean G from VA--card, stams and a donation
Sherry & David W from NY--Christmas card and donation (special thanks to Dave!)
Carol O from CA--coupons for the volunteers
Pat L from KS--coupons for the volunteers
Tom & Betty W from VA--card and donation for general fund
Cleon & Minnie from Defiance--donation for FRRC, in memory of Dean

Many thanks to those that donated thru PayPal:
Janet S from IA--donation in memory of Tyna
Melissa M/hettie's meowmy from OH--donation in memory of Tyna and Dean
Lisa K from MN--donation for "give back tuesday"
Gusti--donation for Rudy, for food, from his Godmother from Germany
Patricia K from NY--donation in memory of Tyna
CaSandra H from IL--donation for the kitties in memory of Tyna

I talked to Skittles' mama from Reno yesterday. Skittles is doing great and loved her Lick-e-Licks. I told her there were more on the way for Skittles. I asked her to give our Skittles girl a big hug!

Also heard from Hannah's mom, Jennifer. Hannah is doing great! Also asked Jennifer to give Hannah a hug from us. Hannah enjoys watching the kittycam and is a frequent-watcher. Many hugs to you, Hannah!

Boulder--a wonderful, cuddle boy.