Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday, Nov. 1

Happy November month! Hard to believe this is November now. We are still getting things ready on the farmyard to be sure we're set for winter. Today, we start working in Kitty City, to prepare it for the Covies. We try and wait as long as we can to move these 17 cats to Kitty City for the winter. The Cat's Cove is their main home, but in the winter we move them to the City so they stay toasty warm. When the weather becomes more wintery, we'll make the grand move.

Shelley H has offered to make 2013 calendars for FFRC. I have a copy of it and it's wonderful. Each page is filled with different pictures of FFRC cats. I'm thankful that Shelley has offered to do this. Kate also makes calendars each year, but we are now sold out of her calendars. Unfortunately, this will also be the last year that Kate will be doing calendars. Her life in Arizona is very busy, and she no longer has the time to devote to this huge project. So, I'm grateful for Shelley for stepping up and offering to do this.And yes, this is a fundraiser for FFRC!  If you are interested, the site is:

We had another adoption yesterday! Hannah was adopted! I'm so happy for her and her new family. We've been e-mailing about Hannah and they came to visit yesterday. There she was--on the washer, waiting for them. I don't believe her new family even looked at any other cat--it was all for Hannah. We sent some of her special toys and a blankie with her.

We also had two cats returned. They are Telo and Georgia. They were super loved. I felt very sad about having to take them from their home. Their mama loves them, but life circumstances made it where she cannot keep them. She will visit them next week before leaving the state. Telo and Georgia were put into Cat's Corner Room for adjustment time. By the afternoon, Telo had already jumped out of the door window into the main area, three times! So, I had to raise the glass window. Georgia wasn't quite ready to explore yet. But, this morning, their door is open and they can come and go into the main area as they please. Needless to say, Telo was out in a flash. Tomorrow, we'll show him the plastic rings that he always loved to play with.

Hank got to go back to being a Porchie today. His eye looks great, he's still on antibiotics and he WANTS out. So, we'll just continue his care as a Porchie. On his way out, I heard him ask Big Al--"You want to join me in being a Porchie again?"  Big Al took off into Thumper's Room, so I guess that means NO!

Saturday we have the possibility of THREE adoptions! Kimshi may also be leaving towards the end of next week. We will continue to try and find the very best homes that we can for these cats. 

We had BOXES last night. It dawned on me that we have not had to purchase extra cat food (except for special food from Aunty Julie for Magenta) in a whole year! Isn't that wonderful! We are indeed grateful. 
Deb11111--8 boxes of Appetizers, all different flavors, 3 cases of Friskies Meaty Bits
Jakesmeomy--case of Friskies Poultry, case of Gravy Sensations, case of Friskies Tuna & a case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Beth A/Eaglewatcher--1 case of Good morning Fancy Feast, Kitty Paws tissue paper to go with the Kitty Paws adoption bags, padded envelopes to mail out the Mike Chamberlin CD's and a case of Fancy Feast Medley
Jaksmom21--500 lids for the coffee 12 ounce cups (for the Keurig drinks)
Bev M--hot cup lids to also go with the coffee 12 ounce cups (coffee, tea, cider and hot cocoa)
Tom & Nancy G/Kerswill from MI--a letter from Amber, their cat--wonderful. Their other cat is Demon Domino. Halloween card, a great picture of Amber, super soft blankies, beautiful picture of Aloha FFRC from Hawaii, a soft pink blankie, Hoops & YoYo pen, Duct tape, Temptation snackers, Party Mix snackers,  Royal Canin Baby dry food, 12 cans Royal Canin baby food, case of Friskies Pate
Kellys S/Kellysong--3 bottles of Mr. Clean New Zealand scent (to remind us of Janak!)
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--toilet paper holder with cover so Zavatar can't unroll countless rolls of TP
Cantoncat/Rita M--10 mega bags of Temptation snackers, bag of Royal Canin baby dry food, bag of Purina One Mature dry food, bag of ProPlan Chicken & Rice, and 1 bag of Eukenuba Lamb & Rice
Tom & Gillian from UK--6 boxes of Lickey Lick yogurt tubes,  now known as Bondi Licks!
Jim & Debbie from GA--card for Damian and FFRC, kitty dish towel, bag of kitty toys, 4 collars, catnip kitty ball, kitty plates, jungle plush kitty toys & squeaky toys, folders, Hearts tiny dog plush toy, rubber squeak toys, Angry Bird cat balls  For volunteers to share: spooky Halloween lighted pins and a box of Halloween wristbands to make (Jocelyn and Damian will share)
Purr Haven Kitties--a wonderful letter from the kitties, fresh catnip from their mom's garden, Stickers for Hannah, 4 brown bags for kitties to play in, baby food, salmon/tuna/sardine cans, snackers for Einstein and doggie bones.
Barbara B from WV--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal for the Feliz Navidad fund
Nicki M--a beautiful, soft Armarkat Indian Red Cat Bed

I had the pleasure of seeing Emaline running yesterday thru the kitchen while playing with a toy. That was a wonderful sight to see. Last night, I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up, amongst my cats, was Putter by my knees and Emaline curled up along my arm. I almost stayed there all night!

I called and checked on Tweets yesterday--all is fine. Sounds like Tweets is very happy, no potty accidents and the family loves her. I'll keep in touch with them. Also checked into the FIve Family--they're doing awesome! I'm so happy. They spend some time in their enclosed porch--when the sun is shining. But, when it is cooler, they're in the house. Made my day to hear this! 

The birds are eating heavily at our birdfeeders. On the shelf right now watching them are Graciela, Drake, Spruce, Teller, Cypress and Miau. Now, THAT'S alot of cats all on one shelf! They're doing their stare down, but it doesn't bother the birds at all. 

Nikka is visiting FFRC this week. We so enjoy having her. She's taking lots of pictures and is beginning to take some videos. I know she will share these with you all. 

Liberty says she sure would love a fun, loving home!