Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday, November 3

It's the weekend! The cats are already lining up their entertainment for the weekend. Catnip, Bonito flakes, toys, snackers and lots of people to pet them. Oh wait, that's like every day here!! We sure do love these cats! We want to make sure they go into wonderful, loving homes. More adoptions coming up!

Telo just jumped on the desk, walked on the keyboard and sat down beside me. He's fully back "into the groove" of being here again. Georgia is also doing great. She's quieter, but relaxed now. Telo has had some fun with his plastic rings. He didn't forget these at all.

We took in 3 kittens several days ago. Took a couple days to "pump them up enough" to get some blood for their tests. They are negative for leukemia and FIV. Gregg, our volunteer, found them on a road, close to his home. They were eating something flat on the road, believed to be a food package?? They've ever so cute. One is white & black, one is black & white and one is white with a black tail. They also arrived with major flea infestation, a slight cold, a major load of roundworms and a bit of ringworm/fungus. So, another bath is in their schedule for today. They'll be in Thumper's Room for a bit longer than normal.

We had BOXES last night. The cats and I are thankful for these items.
Tippyntraylor & Ashley too--box for Judy S, box for Connie D, 3 bright yellow signs that say "Smile, You're on Camera". For Octavia--different locks that can be put on the food cabinet! I'm sure she won't appreciate this, but it'll help with the food supply! We'll be sure to still let her thieve a few a week. Don't want her to be sad!
Julie P/Tigercat--butterfly windchimes--they are beautiful
Sheila H--3 packages of Lysol wipes, case of Whiskas Purrfectly chicken, case of Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast kitten food
Aunty Bantry--case of Wellness cans (large size) & 3 (8 ct) Merrick Gourmet Entrees can food
Richard N from OH--donation in thanks of taking care of Sugar
David S from OH (Sunoco's dad)--donatin for general account, Chief grocery receipts
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal for Rudy's vet and food costs
Arden & Charmaine from IN--donation thru PayPal for Audrey
Vaunita S/vrs1cats from PA--donation thru PayPal, in memory of all her past kittens, with hugs to Octavia and Derecho

We received our Petfinder's weekly report. We had 2,056 total pet views this past week. The top eleven cats that were viewed:  Badu, Farrah, Graciela, Oban, Weber, FIlbert, Canton, Avens, Campion, Roadinia, Octavia. 

Cutie is doing great. She's gained some weight back, her fur has returned on her legs and she's eating better! Dave & Linden are all scrunched up together in a puff, taking a nap. Asha is in my lap--right where I like her to be. The PushTwins were out a couple times yesterday--they can zip right along. Pushkins was snacking on the Big Cat food yesterday. Roadinia and Tizzie are good friends--they like to play and nap together. Tabitha found a play-stick with feathers. She was running with it with Harlow, Liberty and Shirley in hot pursuit. Never a dull moment here.

Sheriff Putter's Rule: Be Kind, Be Compassionate, Be Helpful, Be Thankful and above all--Be Honest and Be Nice. I have to agree with Putter. We have a sign out in the office, it says: "Be nice, or go away". Now, if Putter could only teach Octavia about not thieving quite so much! 

Serephina--looking so cute, but watch out--she can sure be ornery!