Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, November 25

Today is the day that Mike will arrive. I will pick him up at the airport this evening. Tomorrow the fun begins!  Please join us at Box Time at 6:30 pm Monday for the first showing/singing of his FFRC CD. How exciting!

I know many of you have sent good thoughts and prayers to Paul in this difficult time of losing his wife, Tyna. Please be assured, I will relay these messages on to Paul. I am also thankful of your support of Paul. Paul has been with us a number of years and he has become extremely important to FFRC, first as a friend. I also went to the viewing of our other volunteer Dean yesterday. They had many pictures of Dean posted, many of him with the FFRC cats and building our Earth Angels Clinic. He sure loved being here and we so much appreciated what he did for us. Prayers for Paul and family and Dean's family.

Kiwi made his way to Uncle Eric's yesterday. Gossamer and he definitely remembered each other. A joyous reunion. I could tell a difference in Gossamer--a bit more relaxed with humans. It's sometimes hard for us to accept the fact, that sometimes, depending on when human interaction starts with a kitten, they just are not comfortable with us. Gossamer is beautiful and is happy in the world that has been provided for her. Kiwi is also quite shy. We have to just accept that we can offer love, food, shelter, but that doesn't mean they have to accept the human touch as something they want. It's called "unconditional love"--we can love them, but on their terms. FFRC is just fortunate that Uncle Eric's sister probably will take both of these kittens and love them for what they are. This is a wonderful gift!

We will have another adoption tomorrow morning--Galway gets to go to his new home. He is going to be so loved! A wonderful home. I also heard from Cyrilla's family--she is becoming quite the sweetie for them--just what we wanted.

We had BOXES last night--wonderful, wonderful boxes!
Roger & Kate C--2 cases of baby food, 1 case of salmon and 1 case of tuna
Eaglespirit/Sally H from WI--a letter, bunches of fancy feast kitty food and baby food, a kitten cradle for the Pushtwins
Lyninvt/Lynda G from VT--lots of kitty toys including orange ping pong balls, mylar crunchy balls, 4 sided balls, wackie toys, 3 sheets of stamps, lots of stickers and a Christmas welcome rug. We can use the toys for adoptions and for the rescue cats
Lizmol from MI--card, Detroit towel for Steve, cereal for Jacci, 3 bags of candy for the volunteers, baby food, tuna, sardines, Friskies can cat food, box of Starbucks single serving packets, Keurig hot chocolate, 2 boxes of crackers
Kelly R--KMR and 3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers, variety of flavors (in appreciation of the FFRC volunteers and their dedication)
Phil/philluv and his cat Cleo--6 boxes of Keurig coffees--different flavors
Karena/KSLinPA (and her cats Precious, Sweetart and Miss Kitty)--white chocolate bar, feather toy for Derecho, Temptation snackers, Party Mix snackers, lots of Sheba & Fancy Feast can food, treat bar for Einie, scratching pad for kitties, post-it notes, card stock & assorted colored paper, dark chocolate hot chocolate for the Keurig
Connie S & family (visitors/they adopted Tookie)--case of Gravy Sensations, baby blankets with polka dots, reading material from Cornell University vet meds, towels/assorted sizes and note cards

We also had some PayPal donations. Many thanks to you also.
Glynette M from CA--donation in memory of Tyna
Lorna G from Australia--donation for FFRC
Kathleen E from UK--donation in memory of Tyna
Lois L from IA--donation in memory of Tyna and Dean
Judith M--donation in memory of Tyna
Elizabeth F from OH--donation in memory of Tyna
Ann F/newfiedogmom from Canada--in memory of Tyna
Mary K from PA--donation in memory of Tyna
Aunty Fi--donation in memory of Tyna
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation in memory of Tyna

Dove is awesome--she's doing great. It's amazing how much better she feels. She can even jump up to her shelf by the window to watch the birds. Such a joy! Christopher is so interesting.His fur grows daily--especially the fur around his neck--he's so handsome. Pania loves catnip toys and will drool on them and then nap on them! Octavia has been busy at night and continues her thievery ways--she has no shame!

Keena, Basil, Willard and Joe Bob are a family unit and love to nap together. All 4 are out 100% of the time now. Pushkins and Pushkiss still go back in June's Room for night time. I love watching Graciela with the dogs. She loves them, especially Jainie. She will twine herself all over Jainie and seems to love it too. Graciela has figured out how to climb up on a cat furniture, then climb over the open dog's door window and into their room. She'll curl right up with the two dogs and nap.

Emaline is doing awesome--oh my, she just amazes me! She is definitely a lap-girl! Putter too is doing wonderful. When he wants something, he makes it known by a big deep MEOW--you must pay attention to him! Big Al and Bondi are having a contest--who can spend the most time in the heated bed that is on the office chair in the Welcome Room! If Big Al gets in HER bed, she sits and stares so that he must move! He has his own heated bed on the table. They are so fun to watch.

Engelina--what a beauty!