Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, November 9

I'm having a hard time getting started with the blog today! The cats and kittens keep jumping on the desk so I have to take time out to pet and play! What a hard job, but someone's gotta do it! Serephina seems to be the most constant today--she is a super lovebug. All you have to do is halfway look at her and her tail goes up, the purring starts and she rolls over. What a love.

This morning early, while doing breakfast, I got a very strange, but funny phone call. The first thing I notice is that the caller ID says United State Government. I'm thinking--uh oh, now what? So I answer it and this gentleman asks if I'm the one that was feeding breakfast to the cats. I asked who it was of course, just got a first name. Then I said, yes, I was feeding breakfast. He asked, so, did you just really eat cat food? At first I was mortified, thinking he must think I'm a real nutcase. But, then had to laugh, as I realized what he must be seeing on the cam. Here's this person, sampling the cat's breakfast and then tossing some to the cats. It was the morning ritual of 2 cans of SARDINES! I had to laugh then. Has given me quite a chuckle all morning! Yes, the cats and I share the sardines!! I get a bite, then they get the rest of the can! 

We had a near catastrophe this morning. Little Pushkins was on the cat-go-round wheel. And he was actually walking on it, making it go! How amazing. I thought the viewers would love to see this, so I started recording it on the cat's iPad. Gib comes in for some attention, then quick as can be, he steps on the wheel too and makes it zip very fast. Poor baby Pushkins went for a ride. It was going so fast, that he actually went around the wheel 1 1/2 times before flying off. Sarah and my heart just stopped--it was quite scary. Needless to say, he got lots of hugs, kisses and holding. His heart was pounding but he's ok. Both Pushkins and Pushkiss had to have lots of hugs after that. Gib is very very sorry.

Kimshi is doing better. She sure loves her heater pad. She's eating real good and will probably go into June's Room today with the Pushtwins so she has more room to cruise about. Her leg is still very tender, but the swelling is much less.

We had BOXES last night! We love boxes!
Susan G--an awesome microfiber absorbent bath rug--the cats approve and love it!
Anonymous (box from HBK Direct in NH)--6 bags of Temptation snackers--variety of flavors
Bev M--jumbo box of 24 count Hot Apple Cider and a Tea Gift Set Sampler for Keurig

I have an early Christmas present today from my sister Patty. Late afternoon, at Parkview Hospital in Indiana, I will have a refined heart test done, then will be returning home. My dad, sister and daughter has had heart attacks, so this will be a good thing for me to do. I believe I will get back home around 7:00. We WILL have BOXES at this time, although it may be a shortened version of it! 

The birds are very active today at the bird feeders. We have some of the fun things that David sent to the rescue center out at the feeders for the birds. Right now, there are SEVEN cats on a shelf that is about 3 feet long. They're double-stacked!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Asha LOVES to be groomed. She will actually come running when the grooming begins. We take her collar off and give long strokes with the brush. She's in heaven. It's amazing how many of the cats really enjoy their daily grooming. 

The Covies were out yesterday. They had an all day run-about. They sure love it. They all came back in again, of course, for supper. We're trying to get them out as much as possible while we still have fairly decent weather. Today the cleaning of Kitty City begins--we want it spic and span before moving the Covies in. The weather forecast will determine when we make the move.

Pants--what a handsome kitten.