Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, November 12

It's a rainy morning here today. Sounds like rain for most of the morning, but still mild temperatures. I just checked the week-long forecast and sounds like mild temperatures and no rain after today. So, for now, we'll keep the Covies in the Cove!

Recently, I've been asked what does our adoption fee, I thought we'd mention that in the blog. When a cat or ktten first comes in, they get a Capstar (a 24-hour quick flea kill pill), their first FIV/leukemia test, a wormer and a bath. This is followed by their first distemper vaccination and topical flea prevention is applied. They end up getting a series of 3 wormers, each 2 weeks apart. Each cat or kitten receives 2-3 distemper vaccinations, each 3 weeks apart (depends on their age as to how many distemper vaccinations they get). When they are 10 weeks old (or older), they get their first leukemia vaccination, followed by a second one in 3 weeks. When they've been here for 4 weeks, they get a repeat FIV/leukemia test (ALWAYS want to double check this). Every month they are here, each and every cat gets a topical flea prevention (Frontline or Advantage). We then also work in their neuter/spay surgery. At the time of surgery, they also get a vet physical. If they have earmites--we work on that vigorously, as those little bugs are hard to get rid of. Any cat or kitten that comes in with a medical problem (upper respiratory infection, fractures, ringworm, etc.) is also treated. 

We have a minimum of $300 in each and every cat that comes into the Rescue Center, but the adoption fee is only $90. We are very careful where these FFRC cats go to. We want them going to INDOOR homes only, where they can financially be taken care of, age appropriate cats/kittens with age appropriate kids, vet references and where they are big time loved. I ask LOTS of questions! 

I am grateful for these Pay Pal donations--
Jennifer P from NV--donation to go for Earth Angel's Feliz Navidad fund
Kevin M from Defiance--doantion to go for Earth Angel's Feliz Navidad fund

I am also grateful for our volunteers! They do so many many different things here to help keep this place running. Just to mention a few jobs: scoop boxes, brush cats, feed the babies, feed the cats, scoop again, wash windows, sweep the sidewalk, sweep the floor and mop, sweep the furniture, restock food cabinets, refill litterboxes, wash dishes, do many loads of laundry, reset the rescue rooms, help with bathing cats, help with treatments, clean the outdoor enclosure, keep the Welcome Room office tidy, wipe off counters, empty the trash, clean the bathroom, reheat bed warmers, clean the rescue rooms, wash down walls, restock the refrig, keep the storage room organized.....whew!!!  They do this over and over again, and with love and dedication! They are indeed an awesome bunch of people!

Gossamer is so beautiful. We are working on her daily--lots of holding and talking to her. There's a possibility that we'll have Uncle Eric also work his magic with her, but undecided yet. Uncle Eric is a friend to FFRC, who is home a lot and has major time to spend with our "scaredy cats". We'll keep you posted.

How well do you know the cats?
Do you know who one of the most cuddliest cats here is? Serephina! Do you know the cat that is into everything and always playing? Gib.  Do you know the cat that meows but rarely anything comes out? Ada Jane.  Do you know the cat that has a scar on the right eye? Liberty, but it's itty bity! Which cat walks around with a coil in the mouth, meowing loudly? Farrah. Which cat LOVES to take a very wet faucet bath every morning? Badu. Which cat zooms on the catwalks that are up high and makes us shudder? Purrby!  Do you know the cat that loves to carry around a clean q-tip? Linden

We had a wonderful visit from Brad B and his wife yesterday. Brad is one awesome carpenter. He makes cat furniture for our FFRC cats. Usually twice a year, he comes with his newest creation. Last night Brad arrived with a beautiful piece that has 9 wide paddles and covered in the hemp rope that the cats love to scratch. Thanks, Brad!

Here's the new piece of furniture!
New Furniture