Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday, November 15

Awww--the sound of peacefulness! The cats and kittens were on their best behavior for breakfast today. No fighting over the sardines either! Lots of napping going on right now. They kept their word--it'd be a quiet breakfast! Zelda Belda requested a special talk-time with me. She was mortified of her behavior yesterday and is very very sorry. I told her she was already forgiven! 

Right now, Pushkins and Pushkiss are sitting inside one of the track ball toys. They're batting the ball around, while they are walking INSIDE the track! They are so small and so cute. Faleena is bouncing around inside the green tent. She loves this. I think it's because she can hide in it and pounce out at passer-bys. 

It's working--Whiskers has decided he'd rather stay close to the Porch, rather than the Barnes. The Porchies haven't officially recognized him as a Porchie, but the grumblings are more subdued. When Whiskers run towards me, I always have to laugh. He's such a big boy and he's so happy. He can also down 2 cans of Fancy Feast in no time flat. 

We received a weekly report from Petfinder today. The top 12 cats that were viewed are: Raza, Badu, Boulder, Octavia, Christopher, Georgia, Canton, Farrah, Teller, Buckeye, Weber and Graciela. I know for sure we'll have one adoption this weekend. I believe it'll be on Saturday. 

Today will be a big day for Keena, Basil and Willard. They will be moved into Cat's Corner Room. They'll love it as they're really into running, climbing and playing. Such wonderful spirited kittens. They've had their special fungal meds for 2 weeks now, with 1 more week to go. That will leave JoeBob yet in Thumper's Room. He's had his second lice bath, so he's now considered "safe". But, due to his upper respiratory infection, he'll be staying in Thumper's Room for a bit yet. He is a big time sweetie-pie. He loves people and cats. He's looking and feeling much better already. His appetite is still off, so we're syringe feeding him yet.

Serephina is on my desk. I love her and she loves to be petted. Just looking at her produces a purr and lift off on her toes! I thought I'd experiment and see what she would do if I didn't pet her. So, she looks at me, I make eye contact, she purrs and does her lift-off. As I don't respond, she tries harder, the tail goes straight up, she looks me in the eye. Still no response from me, she then comes over and rubs her nose and mouth all over me, which gets her bunches of hugs and kisses then! Success!

Farrah is playing with Galway. They're flipping a ball around. Farrah is so sweet with little Galway. Kiara is laying on a cushie bed with Miau and Zora. Alot of nice cats today!

Remember, today, is Penn and Teller's 1st birthday. We are planning on a cake and extra special kitty treat about 11:45-noon. Please join us!

Check out this site:   You can order lots of things thru here and FFRC gets some of the money credit for it. Thanks!

We had BOXES last night. You are so appreciated. 
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--for Jacci-kitty socks, knit cap with pawprints on it, a PURPLE vest!8 breakaway collars for adoption families, but a special one for Magenta and Farrah
Mimi from FL and Buddy her cat--recipe for peanut butter cup martinie's (!), 3 mouse toys and baby wipes and a letter from Buddy
Jennifer/Jacksmom--2 bags of assorted toys, 2 big bags of Purina One adult dry food, 2 bags of Royal Canin Kitten dry food
Carol, Corky & Tammy--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Anonymous friend for Cutie--a case of Purrfectly Chicken pouches
Arden & Charmaine from IN--3 cases of Friskies can food
Leggygal/Peggy H and Spike & Taft--21 beautiful handmade cat blankies (all of them with a different design) and stickers for Hannah & pictures of Spike and Taft
Elizabeth A/widdletiger--bonito flakes, 3 pkgs of Looney Loops toys, and lots of food for Octavia & friends: 4 cases of Wellness healthy Indulgance packets (I checked with Octavia and she said she'd share!)
Middimom/Patty--5 boxes of BOndi Licks
Patricia M from IL--donation for FFRC for general fund  (she also made a matching donation to her local shelter!) and a Thanksgiving Card
Mary K/mckane from PA--2 giant squeaker play balls
Teresa H from Ft. Wayne, IN--a conation for FFRC, general fund
John H from OH--Chief register tapes

See you at the birthday party today!

Penn and Teller are ONE year old. This is their baby picture.