Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, November 26

Mike is here! Mike is here! The Concert is on! Come join the fun--6:30 pm EST, right here at the rescue center, on the cam. We also have pizza, wings and pop coming tonight! Mike will be singing the songs on his new CD--all songs for FFRC! Plus, he'll sing some Christmas songs! What fun. At the time of the concert, this CD will then go up for sale. Simply go to our website at and click on Shop Now. The CD's are $15, plus $3 for mailing in the US, $5 for mailing outside the US.

Many thanks to the following:
Neil  & Anna Marie M from MO--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna & in honor of Paul
Eleanor F/elskates from CT--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Donna M/mkmouse from NJ--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna and for the Earth Angel's Feliz Navidad medical fund
Herta B from IN--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Laura H/Felinetoyz--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna and Dean

Remember, if you are watching our webcam and if you see an ad that is interesting to you--click it! For each click, we receive a little bit of money. Those clicks ad up and helps the Rescue Center tremendously. These ads don't show up on the Bobcat site, so we sure appreciate you watching FFRC thru our Ustream site.

We had an adoption today! Galway went to his new home today. The home that Galway has gone into has had other cats adopted from FFRC. Okay, so I made a HUGE mistake today--I'll fess up! Rudy was sent home initially, instead of Galway. I wasn't paying enough attention to WHO I sent out the door--will never ever do that again. I felt terrible, others thought it was way too funny! Yes, I DO indeed make mistakes, but I don't often make them where so many people sees it! I think Galway's mama has forgiven me, Rudy had a bunch of fun and no harm was done, except my pride was very bruised! But, that's ok!  All is well.