Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday, November 16

The move is done. Keena, Basil and Willard are now in Cat's Corner Room and they love it. They've even been climbing way up on the cat walks. I tried to tell them to stay on the lower levels, but they won't have it. They think they're big shots and can climb high. Such nice kittens.

Pushkins and Pushkiss were out quite a bit yesterday. I will have to weigh them soon, as I believe Pushkiss is now a tad bigger than Pushkins--that's remarkable. We periodically put them back in their room for a nap. It's so cute--they go in and run over to their hooded bed and plop right into it!

We had a wonderful birthday party for Penn and Teller yesterday. Our webcam friends from Denver, Christine and Sandy, were here to help celebrate the boys' birthday. We had cake (human) and gifts for the boys. It was also Christine's birthday and she also had birthday cards! It was a beautiful cake. As we were admiring it, PLOP--it happened. Yes, a cat jumped from the floor right on the cake. Before we were done laughing, PLOP, another cat. While we were cleaning those paws up, yes, you guessed it, we had a third PLOP. But, we didn't care--we ate it anyway! We have some of it left, to share with our volunteers.

After we were done eating cake, the cats all had a special treat, in honor of Penn and Teller's birthday and made possible by Betz. Their menu consisted of a big Ham Bone (compliments of sister Judy) and 3 plates of pet-friendly ice cream and plates that were a mix of hamburger and steak. The meat was cooked, cut up, any grease drained off and served up! Not a crumb was missed. They LOVED it. It was the funniest thing to see Pushkiss sitting on top of the ham bone, gnawing away on it. He not only was knawing, but was growing at top voice!

Remember to save the dates, November 25, 26 and 27. Mike, our concert friend, will be here. He'll arrive Sunday early evening. He will be introducing his new CD--and it's all about FFRC and cat friends! In addition to singing some of the CD's songs, he'll be singing Christmas songs for us too. This will all be done on the cam! What fun. At that time then, his FFRC CD will go up for sale.

I just got a phone call from Neil and Anna Marie who live in Minnesota. They are now officially "on the road" and heading to Defiance! They are coming to adopt Kimshi! I am so happy for them and for Kimshi.

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We had BOXES last night. We are thankful!
Arden & Charmaine from IN--a whole case of sardines!
Aunty Fi--Bondi Licks for Skittles (we'll now be sending Skittles box out to her)
Phylis B from MI--case of liquid KMR
Anonymous Friend--big package of Scotch Brite sponges, 2 bottles of Dawn soap & a bag of Eukanuba adult dry
Betz from PA--card with a donation for Cutie & friends
Mary W/Nuki Slave & Godmother to Penn & Teller--card, letter & gifts for the birthday boys, 3 bags of cat snackers, can of Tiki food, can of Blue Wilderness food (which they had for breakfast), can of KMR and Cosmic catnip banana & cigar
Kelly S/Westerncool from TN--Christmas card
Pat L (mom to Sophie & Lucy's Dad) a donation for FFRC, much appreciated
Jean & Neil S from OH--a donation thru Paypal for FFRC
Domingo F from BZ, Italy--a donation thru Paypal for FFRC
Margaret H from NC--a donation thru Paypal for FFRC

Tomorrow is our Vet Visit Day for Volunteer's Pets! It's from 8:45 am to 2:00 ish pm. Unfortunately, I have a meeting in Fort Wayne, very early that morning, so I won't be here for the beginning of this event. But, as soon as I return (mid morning), I'll jump right in and help! This is an opportunity for our volunteers to have their cats and dogs checked out and caught up on vaccinations, physicals, etc. 

Drake--just love his face!