Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday, November 24

We've had highs and lows from yesterday. 

Our dear friend and volunteer, Paul has had a very sad happening. His wife, Tyna, passed away in her sleep yesterday. Tyna has been here a few times with Paul and always loves the cats. They have 6 wonderful cats themselves. Our hearts are heavy for Paul, for his loss. Please keep Paul close in your thoughts and prayers. He is indeed special to FFRC and we care very much for him. Paul has requested that if anyone wishes to make a donation in memory of Tyna, to do so for either the Cancer Society or to Friends of Felines' Rescue Center.

We also send our thoughts and prayers to the family of Dean Rittenhouse. Dean passed away in the last week. His viewing is today. When I talked to Dean many years ago about my dream of starting a spay/neuter clinic, Dean jumped right on board and said he would build it. And he did! This was a huge undertaking and completed with help from other volunteers also. He is in our hearts also. 

It was necessary yesterday to make an early morning call to our vet's office about Dove. Her left front leg started escalating in problems on Wednesday night. They were able to get her in yesterday, for surgery to remove that leg. She came home yesterday afternoon. Dove is doing awesome! What a wonder girl. They shaved her right front foot very closely, so we can keep track of those toes--whether they are healing or becoming necrotic. If necrotic, surgery will be needed on 2, maybe 3 toes. Hopefully, they will heal, so she will have a "whole foot". And....all of this because of leg traps. It breaks my heart, to know she innocently walked onto that trap and then her whole life changed. She is a joy.

Steve and I also took Pania with us yesterday for a check on her eyes. The mystery continues--we will never really know what happened to her eyes. In all probability, the damage to her eyes are from many herpes eye infections. Upon exam, it was thought that she is completely blind. But, we'd like to think she can see some dark/light variations. Regardless, this is Pania--and she says, she's going tobe just fine! This morning, we had her in the front office with the door shut and she finally walked around a little bit. Her heart is big with joy--she just soaks in all the attention she can get! 

How exciting--tomorrow we will pick Mike C (our concert friend) up at the airport! So exciting! He will arrive in the early evening. On Monday, in the day at various times, he will probably sing some Christmas songs for our viewers, on the cam. Then at 6:30, instead of boxes, Mike will do a mini-concert for all of us. He will be singing each of the songs that are on his new CD--and it's all about FFRC and our cats! It's a wonderful CD. ANyone is invited to be here Monday night, including all of our wonderful volunteers. Pizza, wings, drinks will be here. If you are a viewer, please join us for the fun--right there, on the cam!

Nikka is our visitor in Kitty Kastle right now. She has been taking 2 different cats every night. What fun. This is so good for the visiting cats--gives them more self confidence, for when they are adopted. 

Yesterday we had an adoption. Roadinia went to her new home! She is going to be one pampered kitten, just how we like it! We had also taken in a kitten that Angie and Bill found on their property. She came here as an FFRC kitten and then has been adopted by Angie and Bill! So, we had two adoptions yesterday. Today, there is a big chance that Kiwi will be joining Gossamer. Uncle Eric feels that Gossamer now needs the companion of another kitten to play with. He's had Gossamer for a little over a week. She is much calmer in his presence, but needs another kitten to play with. Kiwi was her best friend here, and she herself is also very shy. This will be a win/win experience for both cats. Two years ago, Uncle Eric's sister had adopted a cat from us and she is looking to adopt again. Over Thanksgiving, she met Gossamer and spent much time with her and is very interested in her and a friend. So.......we will see what happens! 

Many thanks to:
Donna S from MA--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Margaret H from NC--PayPal donation for Dove, to help with her medical needs
Renee C--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Carol N/cn--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Sandra DE from Canada--PayPal donation in memory of Tyna
Catherine H from NY--PayPal donation for the Earth Angel/Feliz Navidad fund
Gusti from Germany--PayPal donation for the care of Dove
PSW from CA--PayPal donation for the TEAM of FFRC