Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, November 2

Chambo is sitting here beside me. I just love her little ears--they each have polka-dots on them! She truly is a sweet kitten with gorgeous eyes. Serephina is running around with a mouse in her mouth, growling, just daring anyone to take it. There she goes again--whizzed right past me. Drake is trying to get in on the actin, but got swatted.  It's Serephina's mouse and no one else is going to get it!

Today we will have another Running of the Covies. It's suppose to be a nice day and we want to let them have a run-about for the day. Then by suppertime, they'll be hungry and will come right in to be fed. Sometimes I sprinkle cat nip on the grass right outside the door--that's why they "drop and roll" when they run out the door!

Little Pushkiss and Pushkins are doing wonderfully. They BOTH are now eating with gusto. They love their food. And they both have found their purrs--they sound like diesel engines. They've had a few times out in the main area to cruise about--it's surprising how quick they are.

Oh-oh, Serephina just ran by with the mouse in her mouth. But, it's a different one. Now, Drake and Serephina both have a mouse. I love how these kittens and cats are so friendly with each other--their world is open to the other cats and to people. 

We had BOXES last night--it's always fun to see the variety that comes in. YOU truly do make a difference to FFRC.
Autumn (cat-friend)--4 mega Clorox Wipes
Bev M--50 of the K-Cups coffee varieties
Mitty/Betty--Pampered Chef Soft Edge can opener
Aunty Fi--Pampered Chef 2 cork trivets with heart shaped design
David & his mom Sherry--Halloween card, a letter from David, bag of Reeses Pieces. The next items are for our bird feeders: suet feeder cage, 2 woodpecker treat bars, seed bell, case of 10 suet bars. A special thanks to David for helping us feed the birds.
Cheryl L/Cherylann275--a Halloween card foe veryone
Volunteers, Mods, Admins, Cammers, lurkers & kitties--a Bosses day card--sure made me laugh! What a wonderful thought!
Ellen H/ABQ cat from NM--coupons
Ruth M from Georgia--donation for FFRC and a card
An Anonymous Friend--card, bird treats, kitty treats, 2 lazer lights (for Covies/center), doggie treats, variety of candy for volunteers, sharpies (multi color), pens (multi color), paper clips with dog/cat design, stickers, Halloween styrofoam plates, 6 boxes of bandaids, variety of samples for Kitty Kastle, 2 fleece blankets, 3 kitty beds,glue sticks for Diane,  variety of kitty toys, Einstein chewable perch, swing and treats, 6 Whiskas Appetizers, kitty collars, and a beautiful kitty, super soft, blanket for the house
Steven L from CA--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Glynette M from CA--donation to FFRC thru PayPal in memory of her 18 year old Bunny Fur who just passed. 

The cats are getting a major groom job today. It's amazing, we groom and we groom, and still get lots of fur from them. Even the Porchies are still being groomed daily. Hank went out yesterday and did just fine. We'll be removing his eye sutures beginning of the week. The incision site looks great. Big Al is still in. I do believe he considers himself a permanent office cat, which is fine with us.

Can you tell the difference between TIzzie and Zora? Zora has a smidge of white on her chest. Can you tell the difference between Faleena and Nemo? Nemo has absolutely gorgeous gold eyes. How about Rudy and Galway? Yes, Rudy is redder and Galway has slight white marks around eyes. You all always impress me on how well you know the cats! Have a great day!

Zora with her smidgen of white