Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday, November 20

Cyrilla has her new home! I do believe this is going to be just perfect for her. She was delivered to her new family! At first, she was a bit worried--not sure where all her FFRC buddies were. But, with lots of talking and petting, the investigating of her new home started! I love being able to "hand deliver" cats, especially those that are a bit shy. It gives them some confidence to stay there with them for a while. Yeah for Cyrilla!

Things are going good with Gossamer. She is a brave little girl and has much character. She loves the other cats, but is now willing to stay in Uncle Eric's lap without jumping right off. Yesterday, she even took a nap on his lap! Big improvement. I don't believe she's ever going to be the kind of kitten that will welcome with open paws, the full human contact. What we are working on, is her happiness and confidence in knowing people won't hurt her. We just want her to be contented. 

I also just checked in with Tweets foster family yesterday as well. She is 100% using the box and has the full use of the house now. I asked if they were ready to let her come back so we could possibly get her adopted. Their answer: she has already been adopted and is staying! Exactly what I was hoping for. So, Tweets is happy and her family is happy!

We had BOXES last night!You all bring so much goodness to the life of FFRC--a big thanks to you.
Mary K--Kong kickeroo catnip toy, 5 Loopa cat toys and spring toys
Tiggercat--case of Salmon Friskies & 2 packages of Greenies
Jason C from CO--chocolate Twizzlers, 6 bags of cat snackers, bottle of X-tra Virgin Olive Oil for Steve. 3 wonderful books to share with the volunteers
Judy R from FL--letter and a card, 10 Appetizers, 18 cans of Fancy Feast, 2 sheets of stamps, kitty note cards and an awesome rock paper weight (painted siamese on it) from IA--3 bags of dry Iams Adult food
Rose SF & Rich--our Kitty Kastle visitors--toilet paper, kitty toys, cat snackers, clorox/lysol wipes, dryer sheets, windex, volunteer snacks, kleenex tissues, beautiful shells from Florida, note cards, 2 handmade Christmas stockings, That was Easy Button!, 2 gift boxes with body lion/gel for Jacci & mom!
Pat K from NY--coupons
Warpedinmn/Connie--coupons and 100 beautiful woven coasters to be sold by FFRC in our upcoming store! 
Goodsearch.com--received a check for $75.47 for our profit from sales for FFRC

Yesterday, Dove was out and about for very short excursions in the front office again. She seems to be comfortable with the other cats. We give her legs warm soaks twice daily. We're playing a game with time--how much healing we can get in before a decision is made on her legs. She gets lots of kisses and hugs daily!

Our new Siamese cat that we took in now has a name. Her name is Pania (pronounced pon-e-a;  short O sound, long E sound, short A sound).  Pania is a figure of mythology and a symbol of the New Zealand city of Napier. Pania will be moved to pen #3 today, so she's close to the main area. We want her to "feel" the atmosphere of the rescue center and where she will have lots of attention. She is still so hungry--we feed her often and she still gobbles her food up.

Possibly today, Keena, Basil, Willard and JoeBob will have their room door opened. Let the fun begin for them! They like to rock and roll. 

I would like to explain a couple things that's been happening with Steve and me. Normally, I don't discuss too much personally, but some things are known, and I'd rather the truth be said straight from me, than speculations. Yes, Steve lost his job. He worked for Interstate/Hostess. They have closed their doors. There's a possibility of renewed talks today, but it's felt these will be non-producitive. People have wondered how this will affect FFRC also. While Steve and I have had to contribute financially ourselves for FFRC, we will be unable to do this now. But, all in all, it won't affect FFRC too much. FFRC will continue. He and I will have our own personal life changes to deal with. 

 You may also be aware that I had some heart tests done last week. The results are in. My heart itself is great. High Blood pressure has just recently (in the last 6 months) become a problem. So, drat it, I'm now one of the pill-pushers. I come from a whole long family of high blood pressure, but had escaped it until recently. In doing the heart test, it was discovered that I had multiple lung nodules. In the last week, several lung tests have been done and yesterday a pulmonary specialist gave me the results--all is fine! My lungs are good, nodules shouldn't be a problem. Will repeat tests in one year. 

So, all in all, Steve and I are CHOOSING to be optimistic in our lives. With much prayer and guidance, things will work out all the way around. I am utterly grateful for my family, friends and this rescue center and all that goes with it. Life is indeed wonderful.

If you like ornery cats--here he is--GIB!