Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday, November 5

We had a wonderful weekend. The sun was shining and the cats loved laying in the sun that would come into the windows. It charged them up and made them super ornery. We had received a package from Nicki M on Saturday. I put it on the desk so we could open it on the next Box Time. Well, the cats decided THEY needed to open it. Sunday morning, I found the bubble envelope chewed to shreds and the contents gone. Nicki had sent 2 plastic sealed containers of Bonito Flakes. One container was found, intact which was quickly put into the refrigerator for safe keeping. The second container was riddled with bite, the cats got a big Bonito treat surprise! Just what they intended to do. I'm pretty sure that Octavia had a part in this!

We had FOUR adoptions on Saturday. This in itself was terrific. Sam and her family drove all the way from Wisconsin during the night to arrive here early Saturday morning. They stayed a couple hours visiting, then made the adoption of Campion and Avens official and drove back to Wisconsin. They had a safe journey and the cats slept most of the way. I've heard from Sam already. Campion is known as Campy and Evans has the new name of Alphie. Sounds like they've made a fast adjustment to their new home and the resident cats there. Just what we like!

Next, Chambo was adopted. This was a planned adoption from a couple of weeks ago. Chambo went to Indiana to Bev, who had previously adopted Leotie from here. Chambo has a wonderful home! Chambo was named after Mike Chamberlin, our concert singer.

Later in the afternoon, Steve and I took Filbert to his new home. He now lives close to where my mom lives! We stayed with Filbert for a while, to make sure this transition was okay with him. This family has 2 other cats--both quiet, laid back adult cats. While we were there, Filbert made himself at home and visited almost every room in the house--just wandering around. It's wonderful when I can actually take a cat to their new home. I get to help with the transition, which makes me feel better and hopefully is less stressful for the adoptive cat. All is well there!

Nikka, one of the webcam viewers, left yesterday and arrived home safely. Nikka takes many pictures for FFRC and now videos. We have had the pleasure of Silly Sticks/Shari being here since Friday. She will make her way home today. We love having visitors! Gem & her mom, John & his 2 kids were also here to visit yesterday. I believe every single cat and kitten here got some extra TLC!

Our 2 babies--Pushkins and Pushkiss are doing super! It's such a pleasure to see them gobble up their meals! Pushkiss is quickly catching up with his twin. We've left them out a few times to scurry about. Cannot believe how fast those tiny legs can go! They are in June's Room.

In Thumper's Room, we still have the other 3 newbies. They now have names. The little girl (white with tiger tail) is Keena. Keena is an Irish word for Brave.  The black/white boy is Basel. Basel is an Indian name for Brave. The white/black boy is Willard, a German name for Brave. So, it's Keena, Basel and Willard. These 3 kittens came in with 5 problems--flea infestation, major load of roundworms, slight upper respiratory infection, slight case of Ringworm/Fungus and very thin. They are really coming along well and responding to treatment. Three sweeties!

Many grateful thanks to:
Nigel W from United Kingdom--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Renee C--a donation thru PayPal to be used where needed the most, to be delivered with hugs and kisses to all the cats, but especially Putter boy!\
Many thanks too to Jenni C who takes the pictures for us for PetFinders. We almost have the last "batch" of pictures/entires in from the previous surgery date!

Putter loved having Steve home last week--was on the couch with him quite a bit. Emaline just loves to have me be on the couch. Last night, I went to the couch and before I even got settled in, she was in my lap. She can appear out of no-where and instantly be on the couch with people! She shares the couch blanket with all of my inside cats, including the Z's. They snuggle up together just fine!

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We will have Boxes tonight...that is, if the cats don't open them first!

Betz--what a beauty. She always takes over the desk and chair!