Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, November 19

This is Thanksgiving week. What a special time to be extra thankful for family and friends and our pets. I give thanks to YOU for caring, for the support that is given and for kind words. I give thanks for the "we got your back", which I can truly tell. I am grateful for your prayers. You may wonder sometimes if you make a difference. The answer to that is YES, most definitely. Today, I give thanks for what is going right in the world of FFRC and YOU are at the top of the list!

Our new cat, Dove, is just simply wonderful. She purrs like a truck and she loves to be petted. Just a bit ago, I had her on the floor and she chose to lay down on a cushie. Two cats came up to sniff her and she didn't mind it at all. Then, she jumped into Dodger's Pen all by herself! What a wonder she is. Her front left leg continues to be useless and is "hardening" around the trap wound. It's clean--no infection--but is indicative of a leg that isn't usable. Her right front leg is definitely a bit less swollen, but she is showing some nerve damage and circulatory damage in the foot. This week will be a big week to see how much healing we can get. She's a joy and a privilege to have here.

Anna Marie and Neil made it home safely with their new kitty, Kimshi. It sounds like Kimshi is already doing well and has bonded big time with Anna Marie. 

RoseSF and her husband are now here visiting and staying in Kitty Kastle. They are a joy to have. They came yesterday afternoon and are here until Tuesday. Our next visitor in Kitty Kastle will then be Nikkaross, followed by Mike C on Sunday! We love our visitors!

Steve, Dawn and I are going to Fort Wayne this morning.  Sometime this morning, we will also be delivering Cyrilla to her new home in Fort Wayne. This is wonderful and I believe, a perfect house for Cyrilla. She has been with us for quite a while and just needs that "just right home". I think we've found it! I'm so excited for her. More later.

Many thanks to Lucy Poole from the U.K. and to Vickie M from TX for your donations thru PayPal for FFRC. I truly appreciate it. Your donations will help us with our general fund--extra thanks! 

Betz is on my lap. She has this special way of sitting--she sits upright, with her head laid on me and her eyes looking up at me. Melts my heart! Kiara is also on the desk--she's becoming my desk buddy. Court is sleeping on the red marshmallow beside the desk--almost completely enveloped in the center! When I came out this morning, Bella was in her brown marshmallow  She got out to eat breakfast and then returned to it. She's been napping in the marshmallow ever since. What a hard life she leads! 

The weather forecast continues to show good weather for us. No rain and mid 50's during the day. So, for now, the cats stay in Cat's Cove. This weekend, I "decorated" the Kitty City--put out most of their bedding! We still have to hook up their electric beds and pads yet and the electric water bowls. 

Big Al is still considering himself an Office Cat. I don't think we're going to get him to budge on this decision. He looks so very comfortable in his heated bed. Maybe I should tell him that the Porchies will have heated beds too! Gib is another wonderful cat. He thrives on action! He and Court make a good pair. 

Galway and Pants-- two ornery boys!
Galway & Pants