Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, November 25

What a very busy day we had yesterday! It was our Volunteer Wellness Vet Day. This is where Dr. Darcy gave free physicals to our volunteer's cats and dogs. We also offered reduced costs on vaccinations, worming, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, leukemia/FIV tests and heartworm tests. We saw 18 volunteer cats and 8 dogs. In addition, Dr. Darcy checked out 4 of my personal cats and both of my dogs. Dr. Darcy also examined several of our FFRC cats.

Emaline--we will continue on with treatment as needed. She is doing quite well right now!
Penn & Teller--physicals were both good
Bondi--she has gained a little bit of weight. Kidneys are about the same as a month ago.
Telo--physical good
Georgia--physical good

Dr. Darcy also looked at our new cat Dove. Dove is our newest arrival. She came on Friday morning. Unfortunately, she stepped on a leg-hold trap and both of her front legs were caught in the trap. Nasty wounds. Her name is Dove, she is a grey tiger white, female, about 2 years old. We have her on high end doses of two antibiotics and two different pain meds. Her front left leg is at this point, useless. Her front right paw is hugely swollen, but she can use it. We are hoping and praying that her front right paw can heal. Actually, we're still hoping for some healing in the front left too!! This is an awesome cat--so very grateful for pets, kisses and food. A lovely young adult that craves attention. She is already loved!

Thanks to Joyce S/D for the wonderful pizza lunch that was delivered. It's amazing how much pizza we can put away on these extra busy days! 

We had an adoption yesterday! Anna Marie and Neil arrived on Friday and will head home, with Kimshi with them! They've spent quite a bit of time bonding with her, which will make her trip easier. I'm so happy for Kimshi. Tweets, our kitten that is visiting a home, is doing superb! She's happy, healthy and using the box 100%.

We had BOXES last night. Thank you ever so much for this support--it truly means a lot to me and FFRC. The following gifts are from last night and Friday night.
Joanne D from MI--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
iphilluv/Phil & Cleo from NJ--letter & picture from CLeo!, snackers for Derecho. For Einie: natural pellets, seed sticks. For the cats: ProPlan pouches, 4 bags of Iams dry food
Sophie & Lucy's Dad/Mike from MI--card with a look-alike JoeBob on the front! Lots of snackers for Covies, Barnies, Porchies and center cats, Reeses PB cups, treats for the volunteers, snacks for the dogs
JatCat from CA--3 nice BIG bath towels, for Jacci & family: a box of assorted Blue Diamond Almonds which came from JatCat's home state
AnnaMarie & Neil--a wonderful letter from Neil with a donation, fun things for the grandkids (how so very nice of you!), Friskies gravy sensations, Fancy Feast variety, case of baby food, dog snackers, 3 HUGE reeses Peanut butter cups (does someone around here like these??!!!), snackers for the volunteers--a huge variety, paper plates, wash cloths, bowls, paper towels, napkins, plastic silverware, WarHorse Movie (fun!), a huge bottle of Miscato wine (I told the cats their ID's WILL be checked), peanut butter pretzels. 
Kimkost & her sister Ann and Kelly and their mom Ann (came for a day visit!)--towels, rugs, carrots/apples/gingersnaps (for the horses & donkey & goats), Friskies, volunteer snackers, Paper towels, Fancy Feast, bleach, vinegar, baby food, dog snackers, Lysol wipes, dry cat food, wash cloths, cat snackers
Diegokitty/Mechele--a wonderful handtruck/dolly to haul things, big container of litter and a case of Friskies. Mechele is here from Toledo for the weekend and is our Kitty Kastle guest! 
Kay/KZNCO from CO--card with a donation
Norma B from IA--card and a donation for Fall For a Rescue Cat--she donated for each cat that was adopted in October!
Sally/Eaglespirt--2 collages of FFRC cats. "The Eyes Have It" and the Rainbow Bridge group
Priscilla G--4 cases of baby food (2 chicken/2 turkey)
Tom and Gillian from UK--8 Bondi Licks (which is why she's gained a little weight!)
Janet/Janak from New Zealand--4 cases of Fancy Feast (one especially for Magenta),  LOTS of Temptation treats (varieties of flavors), case of Gravy Sensation packets

Did you know that we recently posted our 500th video to our fofrescue video site? That's simply amazing! 

A week from today is when Mike, our concert friend, will be here! I'm so excited as he will be introducing the wonderful FFRC CD to all of you thru the webcam! How exciting. 

Keep an eye for our upcoming new STORE--it will be an on-line store for FFRC thru our Website! We are so very excited. It'll be up and running very soon. 

Enjoy the stories about our Covies on our facebook pages! Something is definitely brewing out there in the Cove. I've been asked by several of the head-boss-cats for supplies for all the Covies. But, what they're asking for is rather strange. They now have a supply of tape, pencils, pens, colored markers, poster board and stickers. Oh dear, I'm afraid this is going into some kind of competition between the Covies. I've tried peeking in the Cove when they're not looking, but they have watch-cats posted on all corners. Something is definitely happening out there. When I find out, I'll let you in on it!

Here's where all the big meetings are taking place for the Covies!

Rolland has his poster made and he's NOT sharing it yet with anyone! What are all these secrets about?!