Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weds., October 31

Twenty-one.  That is how many cats are here in the office with me--every single one of them is sleeping. No playing, no chasing, just peacefully sleeping and that doesn't happen very often. That also means no one bothering my fingers while I type! Hmmmm, maybe I can get this Blog done in record time!

I want to thank Mudjie--a webcam viewer who has offered to be a permanent catetary for Box time! That is so nice of you Mudjie and I appreciate you doing this. I realize that sometimes Mudjie may have other commitments and when that happens, we'll ask for a volunteer for that evening.

Leenie/Colleen has also updated the FFRC Pampered Chef fundraiser. The final total that FFRC has made is $540.76. This amount will be a welcome help for our overhead expenses.  Thanks to Leenie and everyone that placed an order.

Oban is doing terrific! I've already heard from his new family and it sounds like he fit right in. Both the family and Oban are happy--just what we want. Today is the day that 2 cats that were adopted last year will be returning. I will go get them at 10:30 today. They are Georgia and Telo. Their mama has to make an emergency move out of state, and cannot possibly take the cats. So, we will gladly take them back.

We have been asked for special prayer requests for one of our webcam viewers. Her name is Conii--many of you know her. Conii is ill and is in the hospital. Prayers sent up for her will be appreciated. Thank you.

I realized yesterday that I had neglected to mention a donation that was received at Box time, the night before. A note was placed on my desk and now it's gone. What a lame excuse, but, oh so true. Please except my humble apology for this error. Because the note is gone (probably now in Badu's tummy), I cannot recall who it was. Please don't ever hesitate to let me know when I inadvertently miss someone.   Next notes need to be glued and taped down!

Ooops, now there are 3 play groups going on--so much for sleeping kitties. Treesa is also now on the desk, playing finger/paws with me. Cypress is dragging a feather around here in the office, with Spruce, Betz and Nance trying to take it away. Doesn't look like Cypress will give it up though. Roadinia has a favorite game--hide on the side of the filing cabinets and then ambush all cats walking by. She never tires of this! My sister Judy brought a cute blue basket yesterday for the cats. Right now there are 3 squished inside of it--Coca-Cola, Dave and Linden. That's one way to keep extra warm!

We had another adoption yesterday. Kazzy went to his new home. The family that adopted him has adopted from us in the past. They adopted Bon-Bon, a snowshoe siamese who is doing great. Kazzy will be held and loved on a lot with this family! 

Oh my garsh--Penn is so funny. He loves those plastic coil toys and somehow he got one "trapped" on his leg. He loves it. Everytime he moves his paw, he tries to get the coil with his other paw. Talk about a cat doing flips! And of course, Teller is close by, watching his brother. There, now the coil is off, but is still a play toy. Asha is laying above them looking like she thinks they're a little nuts. I keep a laser light close by and like to watch them chase it. Back and forth--they never tire. Frith is real good at going up the wall! Such is life here--always fun, a bit crazy, but we love it! 

Canton says to come join us for BOXES tonight!