Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October 15

Monday, October 15

Happy Birthday to Fabio! Today he is 5 years old and has been with us almost 3 years. He's a wonderful boy. Fabio is a Porchie.

I have 2 bits of news to pass on to you.

First, Friskies is having a video contest. There are 4 different categories to put videos under. For each video we submitted (3), we get 5 cans of food free. The topics of the videos submitted are: one of Octavia doing her thievery act, one of the wonderful tunnel fun playtime and one of the Cat-go-Round Wheel and breakfast combined. The deadline has now come. First, judges will "weed thru" the videos and pick out a certain amount, in each category. Then those videos are put up for people to vote for them! So....let's hope we make the first cuts with the judges, then, on to voting!  You can join their Friskies Facebook community at It's there that they will be sharing all the latest news about "The Friskies". The prize??? Money for the organization that submitted the videos! We will keep you posted on the happenings!

Secondly, we have a wonderful visit coming up! Mike Chamberlin, who did our concert for Catstock is coming back! After he got back home from Catstock, he decided he would like to do a CD, JUST FOR FFRC!!! How wonderful is that?!! So....the work has begun. He will be recording for 3 days to get the final recordings. The CD will have 7 songs on it.
The songs are:
1-Because of Putter
2-All God's Chrildren (and Cats)
3-There's A Cat In The Shelter
4-Lean On Me
5-Til There Was You
6-Cats Everywhere
7-Feliz Navidad

This CD is being made with FFRC in mind--each and every song will be super special! The song "Cats Everywhere" is one that he wrote exclusively for this CD. He also feels that the song "Til There Was You", sums up how a lot of us feel about our kitties.

He will then come back to FFRC on Novemberf 25,26,27. He will introduce the CD to us then! He will be flying in on the 25th, leaving on the 27th, so we'll have to enjoy every minute he's here with us! He will bring these CD's with him, for FFRC to sell!