Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday, October 6

Our visitor, Janet and I played hookey quite a bit yesterday and had a very nice time. We went to Shipshewana in Indiana to see their big craft show. The ride was beautiful as many of the fall colors are out in full force. 

Our new kittens, Dave, Christopher and Kiwi are doing good. Dave's eyes are still cross-eyed but he is playing, so we know he feels pretty good. Christopher's main job right now is eating to put some meat on his bones. Kiwi's abrasions on his face and head are healing. THese 3 belong to the purr-gang!

We took in another little kitten last night. A friend of ours who runs a funeral home, arrived at his work hearing kitty meows. A little kitten was wedged into engine parts that were unreachable. A hose had to be used, a little water and out popped the kitten. Her name is Engilina. She is a soft grey color, full of furrs and a round tummy. Unfortunately, she also has a club-type front paw. This paw turns in permanently, from the way the ankle is fixated. He also has a 2-kink tail--probably due to an accident somewhere in his young life. He will fit right in later with the purr-gang as he also has a loud volume! 

We had BOXES last night. So many thanks given to you.
Jean G from VA--donation in memory of Pizazz
Michlynn--ziplock bags and a cute card
Nancy D from OH--donation to FFRC
Luv4cats/Nancy L--coupons
AmSprinkle from NC--WeRuva variety of can food flavors, 4 cans of Sardines
Schinn, Cleo & Ralph from ME--card for Badu, case of Purrfectly chicken for Badu, bag of catnip, lots of extra fun toys, case of Whiskas poultry
Stephanie/StardustSteph from FL--a very nice card, a kitty Cuddle pal, kitty snackers, Fancy Feast Appetizers, case of Friskies Gravy Sensations, treats for the volunteers (Gold fish, Milano cookies), 2 boxes of Crystal Light mix
NorthpoleNM/Sandy L from NM--Frolic cat laser Light toy--lots of fun!
Mary K from PA--4 extra large, very sturdy pooper scoopers
Faye W from NYa wonderful card, a crocheted blanket (made by her sister Rachel), M&M's for the volunteers, 2 packages of blue/black bic pens, 2 b ags of kitty snackers, 2 containers of Clorox Wipes
Jennifer C/Kayton19--For Betony--a case of Fancy Feast can food (we knew about this, so sent a box with Betony already, when she was adopted!
Jatcat--an awesome keyboard and mouse for the computer so they work together!!
Lovebugs321--a really neat Christmas garden mini flag
ArdenCharmaine--2 cases of Fancy Feast (grilled/classic), case of Friskies Poultry, and a big case of Bounty paper towels
Anonymous Friend--2 Thermal snuggle beds

The kitties have their ship again--a rocking ship toy that they love! They are still going full crazy playing with the big cardboard box stuffed with paper. Putter is doing great and is out in the rescue center this morning visiting. Linden is growling and growling, daring anyone to take his toy away, which he certainly won't allow. Life is good indeed! 

Check out those beautiful eyes of Chambo!