Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday, Oct. 25

Thursday, Oct.25

Oh beautiful day. It was 78 degrees yesterday! Today is also going to be a beautiful day. The cats already have the window open so they can go out in their outdoor enclosure. Happy day also for the Covies--as soon as breakfast is over, they'll be running around the farmyard. The Porchies and Barnies just laugh at the Covies--I'm sure they're bragging that THEY can go out and cruise about any time they please!

Zelda is laying on a box beside me. Yesterday was a bit rough for her--her front shoulder was bothering her and causing that limp to be very pronounced. But, today she is better. Pants is also back to normal. A few days ago, he must've taken a hard fall. It knocked a baby pre-molar out and caused his mouth to bleed for a bit. Kinda knocked him silly. We babied him along that day (which of course, he enjoyed) and now he's fine. 

The 9 group from Thumper's Room made their transition to Cat's Corner Room. All is fine in there. They love the cat furniture and cat shelves. Kimshi is already meowing at the door--she wants out. I told her not quite yet. I believe we'll keep them in their room until after Saturday, which is our surgery day. Little Pushkin is doing great in this room also. We still syringe-feeding him. 

Surgery is this coming Saturday. To date, we have 16 spays and 10 neuters and 1 dog to do, plus 7-8 physicals/check ups. What a very busy day this will be. Dr. Darcy, Bonnie, Lynnette and Sue will be here. Judy S will be coming in early to help gather everyone up and get their surgery collars on and to help me give their soreness meds. Mary E will be in to help with post-op--she'll be double checking everyone, holding them and getting them fed when they're able to eat. A busy day for all of us. 

Jenni was here last night and got more of the pictures taken. PetFinder's continues to get updated, complete with pictures. I'll be working on it again also, to add the surgeries that will be done this weekend. 

I just got an update on the Pampered Chef fundraiser. Wow--what a success it is. To date, FFRC has made $237.45! This is just wonderful! Leenie/Colleen says she will be closing the party on Sunday. Think Christmas gifts for family and friends!

We had BOXES last night! Wow--awesome items and we're sure grateful!
Anonymous--2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Anna B--2 boxes of Reeses' Puffs cereal !, Woofers Doggie treats and 5 cases of Party Time Friskies snackers (for the kitties, Porchies, Covies)
TippynTraylor & Ashley too--2 mega bags of Temptation Treats (shhhhh--I do believe they unknowingly used their mama's credit card)
Joanne H/Anniecat1 from KS--6 inch paper plates, 2 two inch scotch tape, 2 bags of Kitty Snackers, Clorox wipes, 2 heated cat beds for Kitty City or Porchies
Billie K from TX--2 cases Fancy Feast Medley, 2 cases Fancy Feast (sliced & grilled), 1 case Fancy Feast and 2 cases kitten can food
ArdenandCharmaine--1 case of Reese's Sardines (no, they're not Reese's flavored Sardines!)
Sonjamac--a case of Royal Canin Kitten can food
Mike/SophieandlucysDad--8 bags of Temptation and party Mix Treats, 10 Appetizers and Lots of cans of Fancy Feast
Millesborne--1 case of KMR and 3 Dawn dish soaps
Tom and Gillian--6 boxes of Webbox Lickety Licks (salmon flavor for Skittles and FFRC cats)
Jill R from London--a neat story on a Parrot, like Einstein
Pat K from NY--coupons
Kathleen M from CA--a card for MaCallen 

We received our check for $1,000 from Petfinder for winning the first week of The Animal Rescue Site contest, for having the most votes! Thanks to you all for that voting power! Wow--we are thrilled and thankful. 

Oban--looking cute, as always!