Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 9

Today, Janet, who has been with us for almost 2 weeks will be leaving. She has been a joy and a tremendous help to me. Every single day we have worked on "computer stuff". Computer understanding is not my greatest asset, but Janet has plugged away with me, helping me to understand more and more about it. I'm deeply grateful. I will also miss her very much. She is a wonderful, lifelong friend to me. Thank you, Janet for your visit and friendship.

Skittles update: Wow--this girl's appetite is picking up! This morning, when I walked into Thumper's Room, she got up, chirped and met me at the door. Talk about heart-warming! It was wonderful, and of course, got her another big hug. She ate a good breakfast. She's been combed and brushed--her fur is looking better already too.

I heard from Efrafra's family. Sounds like all is well and that Haley and Efrafra are a happy twosome! Buckeye and Obadiah are sleeping in one of the giant poofs together. They are all sunk down in the middle, looking very cozy. Bella has been in the poofs a lot too and doesn't mind if a kitten sleeps with her. Shirley and Darilyn were chasing a moth a little bit ago--I think the moth won!

Just in case you noticed, we are having trouble with PetFinders. Our entire rescue center's information is gone. I am waiting for a response from them to see what happened. In the meantime, we might have figured it out---here is the story that I received:
"I had a text from Paddy Cakes...he was feeling bad about not telling you what happened to the PetFinders page. It seems Octavia was bored with stealing treats the other night and was surfing the ffrc web site. She came upon PetFinders and thought it was funny. She was having a good laugh and told Zelda she was up for adoption. This, of course, made Zelda cry. But then Zelda told Octavia, "you won't be laughing when you get adopted by a locksmith." Apparently Octavia took that very seriously and after a few clicks, PetFinders was history.  Paddy is sorry he let things get so out of hand and he hopes you won't tell Putter."
So.....now I have to explain to PetFinders what really happened and see if they'll get us back on board. Oh my, I'm not sure if they'll believe me or not!

We have been busy keeping up with sending the orders out that people have asked for. If you have ordered anything from FFRC and did not receive it, please e-mail me and let me know. If you received a damaged CD, please also let me know that. Thanks!

We had BOXES last night--FFRC surely is appreciative!
Marcia S from AL--a very nice letter, case of peanut butter crackers, box of 13 gallon plastic bags, box of Q-tips, baby rice cereal, box of Temptation treats, postie notes, cat snackers, Purrfectly Chicken packets (which Octavia thieved last night), Dawn liquid soap and 3 very soft cat beds
Michelle H from FL--3 cases of Capri Suns drink pouches for the volunteers, Ziploc storage bags (sandwich & quart sizes), 5 gallons of bleach and 2 boxes of Bounce dryer sheets
Gramma June--for Derecho and friends--feather toy, crazy catnip bubbles, spiral coil toys, Spider catnip toy, cardboard scratcher board
Emily, Aiden, Megan & Jonathan C from IN--they adopted DIxon (now Milano) & Ashlyn (now Oreo)--a special letter and drawing
Trudy S from OH--a donation for FFRC
Gina--a day visitor & cammer, from  Ohio--litter, Purina One, dog treats and lots of Friskie cans

We had an advisory meeting yesterday. We discussed Catstock, Catathon, generally how things are going at FFRC and future events. It was a good meeting.

Campion and Harlow are buzzing going up and down the cat pole--it's amazing how fast they can zip on it. If you see a grey/white blur go by, that would be Dave. I do believe he never walks--he's always full speed ahead! Weber was seen last night, in a cushie, leaning on the side, on his back, with his legs up--totally out sleeping. You could even pick up a paw and drop it and he wouldn't move! Tweets and Cassidy are becoming good friends--they like to play ball together.

I wish to thank everyone who is involved with FFRC. As I sit here and think about what it takes for FFRC to run, it makes me doubly appreciative to the volunteers, my family, our moderators, our chatters and lurkers, for those that vote for us, to those that come and visit, to those that give encouraging words, donations and prayers. It does indeed take a village of people to make FFRC be possible. Thank you!

Please remember to vote for FFRC!!  Go to: tinyurl.com/ffrcvote Help us win that $1,000!!!

Our handsome Paddy Cake.
 Paddy Cakes