Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday, October 30

Oh happy day! Pushkiss is doing better and holding his own. Actually, BOTH kittens ate a bit by themselves yesterday. I syringe fed them breakfast, but they had a little treat already today, eating a bit on their own! Pushkins has a mighty big "meow". Enough that it fooled me and I was looking around to see who was crying. Turned out that mighty voice was Pushkins! Can you imagine how wonderful these kittens will be--hand held and bottle fed! Yesterday, when I fed the Pushtwins in the house, Emaline again bathed their faces. All were purring!

We had a family here yesterday for a potential adoption. They have an interest in two different kittens, but will wait until next week. We also have a few other kittens being looked at thru PetFinders! Adoptions, here we come!

Our sweet Tweets went to her new home yesterday also. As you know, she's there to "re-habit" her pottying issues! I talked to them last night, and all was well so far. As you know, Tweets was in a pen for 1 day--no accidents. Then she went to June's Room for 2 days--no accidents. Now, on to this next stage. Who knows--maybe she'll end up staying there?!! 

Speaking of adoptions--our family of 5 also went to their new home. They were given a wonderful opportunity to stay together as a family. This does not always happen, so I was thrilled. I also talked to this family last night. So far, so good. They are handling the 3 little kittens frequently and the kitties seem to be relaxing more. They have a choice that is always open--can stay in the house, or go out in their big attached patio enclosure. So far, all 5 have been investigating everywhere. The kittens are sticking close to mama. 

Now, we have a saddness to let you know about. You probably already know by the previous blog that Arabella did not have her spay due to a mass that was on her abdomen. Our vet looked at it. It was unsure as to what happened--was this a mass from birth that grey? Was this from an injury? She was started on antibiotics and a watchful eye.  But, we are not to know why, as she passed away yesterday. As much as these hurt, I am still glad she was here. She was the abandoned kitten that came in with Kimshi. At least, Arabella was loved, fed and knew cat-comforts here. Thank you for caring about our little Arabella.

 Remember when Audrey first came in? How quiet and shy she was? Well, no more! That little girl can keep up with the big cats. What a joy to watch her. Dave also thinks he's "big and bad". He's everywhere playing, with everything. Little Harlow has a big booming purr, that she's finally growing into. She loves to sit on the computer desk and "bother" my fingers. So--all misspellings are because of her! 

Hank continues to do well. His incision looks good. Bondi has been licking her Lick-e-Licks yogurt tubes. We keep a heater under her blankies on her office chair--she loves it. When Big Al had his ear surgery, we kept him inside the office and Thumper's Room for 3-4 days. Now, he doesn't want to go back out! We've created a baby Big Al! He loves being inside. He's one Porchie I've never seen spray, so he is welcome. He also sleeps in one of the heated beds. He has a way of looking at us, like "Oh wow--this is living!". No one has the heart to tell him he's a Porchie. But, that's ok--he's welcome as an office cat. 

We had BOXES last night. So many thanks to give--your support is awesome!
Dawn G from Iowa--White Choc M&M candy corn (!), lots of kitty toys, bunches of kitty snackers, appetizers, whiskas packets, baby meat food, Meow Mix wet and Fancy Feast Gravy Sensations and a very nice letter
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--purple surgery tags (ID collars), 2 broom/dustpan combos--we can sweep with these, or use them to sweep up toys!)
Beverly G--Swiss Colony Cake Rolls and a box of Petits Fours--all in celebration of Halloween!
Deb11111--10 boxes of Arm & Hammer Littler, 2 cases of Friskies Pate and 1 case of Friskies Variety Pack   
Kelly S/kellysong--box of 2 inch scotch packing tape and a big case of Bounty paper towels. Also brown UPS paper for the cats to play with
Autumn--10 packs of Sparkle paper towels
Jacksmom/Jennifer S--1000 Dixie hot cups for the volunteers to enjoy coffee, cider and tea
Brigitte/Brigitte62 from Canada--2013 kitty calendar, very nice cat bracelet and pictures of her cats Mickette, Pantouffe, Patch & Pichou
Cyndi N and Wilson the Wonder Cat, from Ohio--Halloween Card
Jane W/calico17 from Mass--coupons and a donation for surgeries and Halloween card
Rose F/RoseSF6cats--Halloween card
Schinn81 from ME and her cats Cleo & Ralph--Halloween card for Paddy Purr (his look-alike), donation to the Feliz Navidad fund for surgeries and coupons

Thanks too to Jatcat--she sent an wonderful Boom Box radio. The special thing about this is too--I just received Mike's CD that he made just for FFRC!  And now I can listen to it! It is AWESOME! Thanks Jatcat for the CD/radio. And thanks to Mike for sending an early edition of the FFRC CD. I believe you will all love it. Remember, Mike is coming November 25,26,27 to set off the sales of this FFRC CD. The cover was designed by Gossamer and it is beautiful. The songs Mike sings are special just for us!

Yesterday and today, our thoughts are with our Eastern state friends. Stay safe and dry. This is a terrific storm. You are all in our prayers. Even here, in Ohio, we are feeling the affects of this storm. It is windy, cold and raining. I can also hear the ping-ping on the window awnings, so it must be a bit of sleet also. Hopefully, our electric stays on too. Be safe, everyone. 

I had a talk with Putter last night. I told him it's okay if he wants to come out to the rescue center to visit. He doesn't have to stay here. We will always let him back in the house when he wants. Since then, he has taken a leisurely stroll twice! I also told Emaline it was okay. Her answer? "No way, no way. I'm staying in here". 

I would like you all to know I have a great sense of joy and peace being here at FFRC. We welcome visitors to also experience this. Our volunteers are awesome and are hugely appreciated. I truly feel I am where I am suppose to be at this time of my life. I've done the people nursing, I've done the wildlife nursing. I believe these things have led me to this--cat rescuing. I'm content and am grateful. I pray daily for peace and joy for FFRC and give thanks for the people who surround us with support. I also wish for you all to take great pleasure from our FFRC cats! Our hugs to the cats are also for you! 

Just got a news flash from Sarah! Zavatar did it again! He loves to go in the restroom and unroll a whole roll of toilet paper. We hope he doesn't do it too often (oh, the expense of it all!), but it is fun for him to do. Kiwi was just running thru the office, did a flip and kept right on running! 

DAve--can't get much cuter than this!