Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, October 8

Today starts the voting at The Animal Rescue Site! How exciting. This is the 4th quarter of voting and continues untill Dec. 16th. Please vote for Friends of Felines Rescue Center. We are not eligible for the Grand Prize, since we already won that earlier this year. But, we can win a weekly--the organization that has the most votes. This is the plan--please vote for FFRC--let's have a heavy show of votes. Once we win the weekly top voting organization (worth $1,000), then you could turn your votes to any organization that you would like! Ask your family, friends, neighbors, cyber space friends to vote for us! Spread it by e-mail, by mouth, by the mountain tops! It's easy--just go to:   Thank you ever so much!

We had a birthday party last night for a volunteer, Cheri and for Haley, the daughter of a volunteer. It was ever so nice. We had cake and pizza. Happy Birthday Cheri and Haley! Haley's birthday present from her mom and dad, was her most favorite kitten--Efrafra. She was so surprised to know she could take Efrafra home.

We have received some Paypals--thank you for your support!
Suzann A from IN--PayPal donation for Skittles transport or whatever there may be a need for
Domingo F from Italy--PayPal donation for FFRC
Marilyn B--PayPal donation for Skittles
Kathleen E--PayPal donation for treats for Skittles
Aunty Fi--PayPal donation for the Feliz Navidad fund, in memory of Pizazz
Larry G from NY--PayPal donation in memory of Pizazz
Cheryl G from TN--PayPal donation for Skittles' journey or wherever needed

The new kitten, Engelina is doing great. She's already out and about with the rest of the newer kittens. The energy level is high here--the kittens just zoom around here like they have motors on their legs! Little Roadinia is walking around the office with a pink soft ball in her mouth. Kiwi's wounds on the face are healing. Dave is doing much better--Dr. Catopractor checked him again last night and said he's doing great! His neck is much better. He still has his wondering eyes, but that's ok. Christopher are doing awesome--he loves to sit up straight on the furniture, overlooking things! 

Mark your calendar--we have a very very special event for everyone! Nope, I can't tell you what it is yet, but will soon enough. You won't want to miss this. It's November 25, 26, 27. Surprises are fun! You will love this! 

We had a second frost last night. In case you are worried about the Covies--they are doing just fine! They have many beds and cozies to keep warm. They're staying comfortable! We don't usually move them until sometime in November. It all depends on the weather. Cold is ok, but when wind and rain or snow is mixed in, then it's not comfortable. We don't like to move them until necessary, since Kitty City is much smaller for them.  The Porchies are also doing great.

Skittles Update! As many of you already know, we took in a rescue cat on Saturday. Skittles is actually from Reno, but came to Indiana for a family reunion. She traveled with her family in an RV. While at the camp, she saw a bird and went thru the screen, straight into the woods. She was missing for weeks, when a Camp Ranger found her. Skittles is 15 years old and survived this event. She was then taken to a county shelter and was there for a few days. We got involved thru an FFRC volunteer who asked if we could arrange transport from here to Reno. Of course, we would be happy to do so. Plans were made, but when Skittles arrived at FFRC on Saturday, we decided that she needed some time to recooperate before her long trip to Reno. She had fleas, ticks, was slightly dehydrated, urinating some blood and lost a couple pounds. Our vet also agreed with this decision and has advised us in her care. She had a much needed bath yesterday. This morning, she is doing so much better and is eating with interest now! Her family comes onto the cam, so we can show her to them! When she is much better, we will get her on her way to Reno. In the meantime, we'll give her lots of love and care. 

We will have BOXES this evening! 

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