Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday, October 28

Surgery day is over. What a very long, but productive day we had. I will share it with you. The females that were spayed were: Audrey, Betz, Chambo, Engelina, Gossamer, Harlow, Nance, Serephina, Tizzie, Zora and Kimshi. The boys that were neutered were: Boulder, Christopher, Court, Dave, Drake, Galway, Kiwi, Pants, Rudy and CocoCola. 

Nance was a bit of a slow "recovery cat" but this morning she is fine. All the physicals for the surgery cats turned out just fine, with the exception of Arabella. She has a growth, mass, not exactly sure what to call it yet, but it's on her abdomen. It's very sore. I elected to cancel surgery--there's no hurry for her spay. In the meantime, we will monitor this and keep in touch with the vet. 

Hank also had his physical. As you may know, his eye took a turn for the worse just a few days ago. It was an eye that turned out now to be very painful and not productive. It was decided to remove his eye yesterday. He will feel so much better without that painful, unseeing eye. He has recovered nicely and ate a good breakfast this morning. We'll remove his sutures in 10 days. We'll also keep him in Thumper's Room for a few days. He'll still be boss of the Porchies! After the Covies are moved to Kitty City for the winter, we'll have our vet take a look at them also.

Emaline also had a physical. We are going to continue our current treatment on her. She is happy, loving, eating good and LOVES people. Steve and I are happy to have her in the house. Bondi also had her physical. One kidney is small, the other is "lumpy, not smooth". So, we will continue a watch over Bondi and make sure she's happy and comfortable. Farrah passed her physical and continues to be up for adoption. FiFi also had a good physical. We all realize that yes, she can see just fine, but that her depth perception is way off. But, she knows how to compensate and does just fine. Preakness had her annual check up--no problems. 

We also had Ada Jane and Magenta rechecked. They both have had several check ups lately. They remained the same--both are bordering kidney issues, but considering their age, are just fine! The heart, thyroid, lungs are good.

Thanks for all the help we had yesterday, to pull off this successful surgery day. It takes a lot of people to make this happen, and happen it did and with no major problems! 

Hopefully, today will be a great day for our 5 cats (mama, teenager, 3 kittens). I've been talking to a family that is interested in the 3 kittens. Why not take 2 more and keep this group together? We knew when we took them in, that they had been strictly outdoor cats. Right now, they are in Cat's Corner Room. They're fine, but it's easy to see that the 2 older ones are restless. The 3 kittens had only a little bit of handling so they're a little bit shy. The family interested in them have a large enclosed porch--it connects with their home. The cats can be in their outdoor enclosure and be housecats--which ever they decide. So, this is a real possibility for this family unit. I would like to see it happen. Will keep you all posted. 

We have frequently been seeing an eagle flying over FFRC. Eagles use to never been seen in this state. But, in the last 10 years, their population is building. Because of the river so close, we have the pleasure now of seeing these beautiful birds flying above us. It's an awesome sight. 

Our Pampered Chef Party, put on by Colleen/Leenie is now over. Thanks to everyone who put in orders and made this such a huge success! FFRC will receive $541.64 from this fundraiser. This is just wonderful and I'm grateful. Thanks Leenie for doing this for us! 

We have many webcam viewers that live on the eastern side of the United States. We are aware of the possibility of bad weather coming your way. Please all stay safe. You'll be thought of and prayed for. Take care. 

Kazzy--a handsome siamese

Dave--such a kitten, with a big play personality!