Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12

Is it an alien? Are we being taken over by an unnatural force? Something spooky is happening. It's nothing to worry about though!! If you are on the cam at night and the cam goes down, starts up magically all by itself, it's ok! No, there's not an invisible person, but a moderator starting the cam back up remotely! We now have a system in place that if the cam goes down at night, 2 different moderators have the ability to remotely, reboot the cam computer. This way, I don't have to get up to do it! How nice! I appreciate this very much.

It's done! It always takes 2 days, but it's done for another 6 months. Twice a year, we go thru all the cat furniture and give each piece an extra good vacuuming, followed by a shampoo. They all look so nice and clean. Big time thanks to Judy S and Sarah for doing this huge project.

If you haven't had a chance to see the Running of the Covies, check out the video on facebook. All 17 cats popped out, one after another! We try to let them do this 1-2 times a week. They get part of the morning and the whole afternoon to roll in the grass, chase any butterflies that may be around, stroll down to the barns and chase each other all over the barn yard. They love it. Then when it's close to suppertime, one by one, they go back into Cat's Cove.

Our webcam friend, Conii made some really nice bands for Derecho. He's gone without any for a month--he outgrew his other ones. Yesterday, we received a boxful of new bands--with a narrow attachment around his neck so they don't slide down anymore. They are so so cute. Some are Halloween design, some are Thanksgiving and Christmas! Thank you Conii for helping Derecho. There's 2 purposes for this. One is to possibly help him feel more "connected". It's been shown that CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) cats sometimes have less jitters with a band on. But, to me, the most important reason is to have a good hold on him. You see, sometimes when we hold him, and he gets a "burst of jitters", it's hard to keep him from jittering out of your arms. I would surely hate to have him fall on the floor. So, today he has a Halloween band on! Thanks, Conii.

We had BOXES last night. So many of them, lots of fun and we're so appreciative!
Marty S--coupons
Arden W from FL--donation for FFRC
Janet P from ME--a very nice card and a donation for FFRC and in memory of Pizazz, Jazzie and Bravo
Zena--a personal card for Jacci
Anonymous--a case of baby food
KimKost--2 rolls of stamps
Gillian & Tom/TA67 from UK--Webbox Lick-E-Lix (for Skittles & Magenta)
Conii--assortment of "thundershirts" for Derecho (see above)
Susan M/Daydreamz2--4 packs of Kleenex, 4 huge containers of Clorox Wipes
Marilyn S/Madisonpepper & furkids--for all the cats, including Covies, Barnies, Porchies & Ferals--a BIG box of assorted Appetizers
Roger & Kate C--2 cases plus of the large cans of liquid KMR 
Joni/Catlady--2 packages of muffins for volunteers, lots of kitty snackers, Lions blanket/teddy bear for Putter while he watches the games with Steve, 3 bags of Natural Choice dry food, Scratch Cabin, cat pen that lights up and meows, and pop cake sticks! (Joni is visiting for 2 days here at FFRC)
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--a new garbage can with a wheel base--really nice!
Dave and his mom Sherry--letter from Dave & a picture of him. 2 large bags of snacks for volunteers, Kitty bumper bed, mice toys, candy, Hostess snacks, variety of cat toys, Temptation treats, popcorn, 2 packs of Oreos, baby food, Friskies Gravy Sensations, sandwich bags,, Fancy Feast Medleys, q-tips, peroxide, plates, bubble envelopes and manila envelopes.  **Dave is another special friend of FFRC. Dave has special needs and is home schooled. We are SO glad to have you join us, Dave!**
Carolyn W (cwall) & Beth--visitors for 2 days here at FFRC--construction paper, envelopes, cardstock, gingersnaps (for the donkey Millie), Christmas lights, white copy paper, Mr. Clean, HE Laundry soap, styrofoam plates, potty pads, case of Friskies, Whiskas cat Milk, Temptation Treats, sardines, Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, paper trimmer, rubber gloves, Envelopes, kitty face wipes, Kitty Caviar, cat snackers, bowl, Mr. Clean sponges, kickeroo toy, lots of toys, crinkle tunnel, kitty cube, paper clips, scotch tape, Sharpie pens, baby cereal, new box cutter, big cube of note paper

Update on Skittles: She continues to eat good. A week from yesterday, Skittles will be home! Yesterday she was brushed and had her face washed. She also walked around, not only Thumper's Room, but the Welcome Room Office. Today, she goes to the vet's office for her flight physical. She's such a chirper-girl! 
Joe Galli of WNWO-TV (who did a TV story on FFRC recently) is putting Skittles story in their website called:    Skittles the cat needs a lift home

We now have a hold on Chambo. More on that later. The family that adopted Gracie Ann has been in touch again. All is well. Possibly considering Felton (Gracie Ann and Felton came from the same home). Time will tell. Asha is laying on a cushie by the desk with Zora. She's giving Zora a very detailed bath. Treesa is (again) sitting on the desk--her nose pointed at the computer and following all the movements. She's such a lot of help! 

Tomorrow, compliments of Betz, we have a surprise for the volunteers and for the cats and kitties! The volunteer surprise has to be picked up tomorrow around 10:00. So, sometime after that we will show this to our viewers and have the cat's surprise too! 

Skittles--our sweet new friend.