Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday, October 14

We ended up with two adoptions yesterday! Cassidy left in the morning, as scheduled. Later in the day, Felton was delivered to the same home as Gracie Ann is at! When I delivered him, he went up, they touched noses, and went about their merry way. Gracie Ann looks quite pleased with her new home. They will give us an update in a few days about Felton. Chambo is still on hold.

Yesterday, we had 2 wonderful visitors. They were Pam and Wanda. Pam is from Michigan. Wanda is from Wisconsin. They are sisters and stayed for most of the day. Wanda is an awesome artist and gave me a gift that I will forever treasure. It's a picture she drew with pencils, of me and Badu. She has a God-given talent and as she said, she enjoys it! We showed some of other her artwork on the cam. Please check out her website at:   In this site is her e-mail. For any portrait that she does (humans or pets), she will contribute $50 to FFRC. Her work is stunning.

We also had another visitor--Michelle who is known as DiegoKitty. She stayed most of the day and I believe, was successful in petting every cat here!

Audrey is doing better! Yesterday was a good day for her. Probably later today, she and Tizzie will be moved to June's Room so they have more room to play. Christopher is doing pretty good--he still has chronic respiratory issues. We're trying to stay on top of it though. Treesa and Buckeye are giving each other a bath, while Liberty is playing beside them.  Dennison is sleeping above them, on the cat furniture. He must be dreaming about chasing a bird, as his whole body is quivering!

We had BOXES last night! I'm very grateful for your support.
Pat L & Sandy--a card with a donation for FFRC and coupons
Aunty Julie from MA--a Halloween card for Magenta with a Walmart gift card for Magenta too! Magenta loves her Aunty Julie! Also 3 books of stamps. Last card from Aunty was spent on that special food that Magenta loves and a soft blanket for her, in the basket that she sleeps in at times.
Gloria K from PA--a card and a donation to FFRC, in honor of Pizazz
Phyllis B from MI and Buddy & Emmy--a Halloween card with a Walmart gift card, coupons and a pho9to of Buddy and Emmy
VIctoria W from Bryan Oh--thank you card for doing a school project interview
Keith & Ginger from Iowa--letter and a donation for Skittles
Nicki M from UK--deluxe catnip mouse, 3 active cats toys, 2 cases of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Susan M/DayDreamz2--6 antibacterial dial soap containers
Laurie D/LaurieD65 from TX--motion activated lighted balls, case of Friskies gravy sensation
Lynda G/Lyninvt--big box of Famous AMos cookies and a big box of Gold Fish--treats for volunteers
Lois L/Lannml--For Bondi and Riley & friends: 2 heated hoodie beds
Carol N/cn1919 from PA--a PayPal donation for FFRC
PSW from CA--A PayPal donation for Skittles to "Fly Away Home" & to have a safe journey
Arden B from IN--a PayPal donation for FFRC, for Audrey. Both Audrey and Charmaine were/are burn victims
Helen D/EagleSpirit from WI--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Bondi is doing great. I came across one of her pictures the other day when she first arrived, and it reminded me of how very thin she was then. She looks like a different cat. She is definitely the queen of the Welcome Room Office, which she shares with Zavatar and Azar.

Little Gossamer is doing better. You can tell she wants to "connect" with people, just still holding back a little. She enjoys being held and purrs easily. Enginlina amazes me--she doesn't let that crooked front paw of hers slow her down at all--she's got it all figured out how to zip around. Shirley is wonderful--she's a friend to all sizes of kitties and cats, such a friendly girl. Zora is crazy about any of the soft balls--she has figured out how to carry one in her mouth, while batting another around with her paw.

Skittles Update: this girl is a major chirper! Anytime we go into her room, she chirps and comes out to meet and greet! What a joy. Her Reno mama was on the cam last night and so Skittles was brought out to show her to her mama. I asked her what was a favorite food of Skittles and she said salmon. That explains why she loves those salmon flavored yogurt tubes! We'll take a few along on her trip to so she has some at her Reno home. In today's Crescent-News is an article about Skittles.

Cypress--one of the "woody" kittens.