Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday, October 13

Today we have another adoption! Our sweet Cassidy will be going to his new home. The family that is adopting him, has been here for the last two weekends visiting him. They are now ready to take him home. Lucky Cassidy--such an awesome cat.

Faleena is throwing a paper ball up into the air, swatting it, then chasing it, just to toss it up again. Linden is just sitting by watching her silliness. Little Gossamer is playing with a fuzzy ball close by Faleena. Goss is doing better and better at not being so shy. Yesterday, she actually came forward to be petted! A big breakthrough. Tizzie and Audrey are doing good in Dodger's Pen. Tizzie is ready to come out, but Audrey isn't yet. She's still having some tummy trouble we have to work thru. I don't want her to be in the pen all by herself. But, other kittens have joined them once in a while, just for fun!

There are 14 cats here in the office--all sleeping. There's another 9 of them playing. What a complicated life--do we eat? do we nap? or do we play?  Whoever said cats sleep 20 hours a day didn't know FFRC cats! These kittens and cats are quite active. Dave of course, is one of those that are playing!

We had a PetFinder report. The top 10 cats/kittens that were viewed are: Butterbur, Betony, Campion, Filbert, Angel Kisses, Weber, Canton, Efrafa, Octavia and Tweets. That Octavia is being checked out--that's twice lately she's been in the top 10!

Our visitors, Joni (catlady), Carolyn (cwall) & Beth all left yesterday and arrived home safely. We enjoy our visitors. We have recently heard from another viewer. Her name is Norma. She has a goal for this month that she is calling  "Fall For a Rescue Cat" (FFRC)! For each adoption, she will donate $10. A really neat idea! Thanks, Norma.

I know many of you have been having trouble with the new Ustream. While they are getting things straightened out, we removed our HD setting, which should help some of you viewers to be able to view better and for the cam not to crash like it was yesterday. We'll get it all straightened out yet!

Remember to check out   Then go to "our peroducts", then type in friends of feline which will then take you to the page to order products. We are now over $600 in sales, which means FFRC gets 15% of the sales!

Also, our website to put in your new recipes for our FFRC Cookbook II, is

And please remember to vote for FFRC--we could win $1,000 for having the most votes for a week. FFRC will not show up on the main page (since we already won the big prize in the first quarter), but our votes still count towards that big $1,000 prize! Keep voting at The Animal Rescue Site. It continues until 12/16.

Skittles Updatre: Skittles had her vet appointment yesterday. She passed! She still has an ear infection, which we are treating and will be fine for flying. She received her flying papers! She is eating very well and sure loves her cushie beds! She really likes visitors too. Her Home Day is coming up--we will be leaving on 10/18 early in the morning.

Riley--one of the Covies

Weber says--"Check out my big feet!"