Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 23

Yesterday was another awesome weather day--the cats and kittens spent a great deal of time in the outdoor enclosure. The Covies and Porchies were basking in the sun most of the afternoon!

All is fine here. Cats are happy, kittens are crazy and the teenager kittens are enjoying being a nuisance to the adults! Asha is sleeping here on my desk--she is so beautiful. Betz is a constant office companion--always helping me type. Harlow and Gaulway are wrestling here on the floor, tails twitching and eyes dilated! Liberty and Treesa are all stretched out, in full nap-mode.

Derecho is doing awesome. He continues to amaze me. He's got it figured out--how to spread the legs to help maintain his balance. I am in awe of his determination and love to watch him. He's in my lap right now. I just called him and he walked all the way from the door to my chair, slowly, but surely and didn't topple even once! What a joy he is.

We have new arrivals. I truly had no intentions of taking more on, but these were "have tos" to get them out of some very sad situations. The new arrivals are all still in Thumper's Room. First, another siamese (female) is here. She and her calico friend (kitten) were simply put out on the doorstep, and the family drove away, to move to another house. Simply left these 2 beautiful cats to be on their own, outside. The Siamese (female) is about 5 months old, the calico/tiger/white is just a little kitten (about 3 months old, female). They've been traumatized and need a little quiet time to realize they're ok.

Then we had a family come in--a mama with 3 kittens and a teenager kitten. The mama is a medium hair grey tiger/white. The 3 kittens are: black (male), gold/white (female) and grey/cream torti (female).   These 3 kits are medium hair. The teenager is a tiger/calico, short hair (female). These sweeties are fortunate--many did not make it out of the situation alive, from where they came from. I become very hard-hearted when it comes to animal abuse, so instead, I must concentrate of what we need to do here to take care of all these newbies. If you have knowledge about animal abuse, report it, and follow up every day, demanding to know what is being done about it. Don't let it just disappear.

We had BOXES last night. Our Rescue Center is fortunate to know the kindness of so many people.
Julie P--warming crate pad for Skittles (sent with Skittles), 2 buckwheat heater kitties, bonito flakes, Kong catnip toy, 2 scratcher boards
Lannml/Lois from MI--3 cases of Friskies, shredded, pate and variety
Anna B--case of KMR liquid, lots of baby food jars, case of Pringles, case of Gold Fish snacks, 2 big bags of Variety candy for volunteers, Box of assorted Reeses treats for Jacci (to share or not to share! LOL), dawn liquid soap, WIndex, vinegary, Tide HE laundry soap, Mr Clean Magic sponges
Susan M in Iowa--3 kitty frontline/1 dog frontline
Diana R from Columbia--Oster Microwave (our other one has a severe handle/door problem)
Arden & Charmaine--3 cases of Friskies (2 fillets & 1 shredded)
Anonymous--8 containers of Huggies wipes (for kitty face and cleanup!)

Phyllis W from AZ--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal to help with the new rescues' tests, treatments, etc.
Caren F from CA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal to help with the expenses of the newest arrivals

Please help me! If you have not received something from FFRC that should've arrived already, please drop me an e-mail to let me know. I'd like to get all the loose-ends taken care of.

Warning, warning!! This cute innocent looking kitten (Campion) has a very ornery side to him!!