Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday, October 21

We had a beautiful fall day yesterday. The Covies got the whole afternoon out to run about on the farmyard. They love it! They each and every one came back. Suppertime works great to call them all to come back home for the nighttime. 

Nance and Pants are so very sweet. THey purr the second they're touched! This morning, the "teenager" size kittens have been super ornery--dashing here, running there, jumping on each other, even a few smacks going by. Talk about high spirited! Mary H, our volunteer, brought in fresh, right off the plant, catnip. They love it. Some are drooling, some are rolling in it, some are eating it!

We had BOXES last night. We will also have BOXES tonight, but at 6:00!!  
Lizmo from MI--For volunteers: Ritz crackerfuls, Quaker chewy graham bars, chocolate granola bars, movie popcorn, \Special K chips.  For FFRC: bag of pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners, Secretary desk "Caddy" with items, sharpies, note books, envelopes, collar, 2 Fancy Feast food for Putter, 2 cases of Friskies can, disinfectant wipes, bounce sheets, Liquid soap, antibacterial wipes, paper plates, Big Mouth Fish Crinkle bag.
Anonymous--Webbox Cats Delight salmon & trout sticks for Skittles (will send to her!)
Anonymous--Purina One Cat Smart Blend dry food
Anna B--3 boxes of Q-tips, bounce laundry sheets, Scotch packaging tape, 3 kinds of hand lotion, case of Dial Handsoap, 1 case of Royal Canin Baby Cat canned, 4 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry food, Lysol wipes, non-scratch sponges, Puff tissues. For volunteers: 3 cases of Pringles chips, variety packs, 6 bags of Reeses Pieces
Anonymous--3 big boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Extra Power Erasers, 1 case of Fancy Feast, 1 box of Whiskas Purrfectly chicken & 3 packs of Lysol wipes.
Nicki M--Fancy Feast Appetizers, Kong Beaver Catnip toy, Skineez toy, Crinkle bag tunnel
Anonymous--Armor Cat Super soft bag bed
Cathy C--a beautiful green hoodie with cats for Jacci  (a super big thanks!!)
Cyndi N from OH--donation in memory of Bravo, Zorca, Pizazz and her own Buster, pocket calendar, a beautiful card, and 53 handmade keyfobs for each of the volunteers
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Carole O from CA--coupons
Alan C from UT--a donation to FFRC
Amy D from Penn--coupons
Faye W from NY--coupons
Betz from PA--a donation to FFRC for Cutie & friends
James & Kathy T from MO--donation for Ema's care, They have 4 cats--Blackie, Smokeyh, Cali & Scooter
Janak & Val--a postcard from their vacation adventure
Sophie & Lucys Dad from MI--coupons
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--Halloween card
Aunty Fi--a donation to FFRC, in honor of Janak and Paul's birthdays this week! Happy birthday!
Cheryl C from PA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Mike C who is doing the CD just for FFRC, will be starting to record on Monday! We are so excited about this. Remember, his visit here with the new CD's will be November 25-27

Christopher is playing! Yes, he is and with much vim and vigor! He's chasing a ball all over the office. What a nice thing to see. Badu is on the file cabinet, with her front paws drapped over, watching Gib, Tabitha and Miau playing. Maybe she'll join them?!

This is a short blog--have family coming for breakfast. Remember, BOXES are at 6:00 tonight!

Zelda--what a beauty!