Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, October 29

Yesterday was a great day. All of our surgery cats have recovered very nicely. All were playing and eating just fine. Isn't it amazing, the "bouncibility" that cats have. Give them a problem, give them a surgery and they just recover so nicely.

Right now, Kazzy is playing with Purrdue--they are flipping each other's tails around! Kiara is sitting on my desk. Court is sleeping, but not before he fought "the nap" so hard. He was sitting up, trying so hard to keep his eyes open, when he suddenly went down. One quick look around, a tuck of his chin into his belly and it's all about nap time now for him! Nemo is flipping two different feather toys into the air and catching them. Little Coca-Cola is playing with Linden and Preakness. Yes, this little bitty kitty playing with the big kids!

I would like to clarify a couple things that people have said. First, let me assure you, that I am fine. Yes, I sometimes want a little privacy time and that is okay. Nothing wrong with that. Just know that I dearly appreciate your concern and your support. Rest assured, that I will always "come back". This Rescue Center is my passion and I love it. Just because I may want a "low key day", does not mean anything is terribly wrong! I love my family also and value my time with them. They are 100% supportive of me and this rescue center. I love them for that. They understand me.

I would also like to clarify things about Emaline. Cancer has never been 100% diagnosed for Emaline. She is checked by one of our vets every single time we have surgery--she's had more physicals than most cats ever have had! The thought of two of our vets is, it really doesn't matter WHAT her diagnosis is, because the treatment is the same. So, we carry on with the treatment that we are currently doing. Someone said that I shouldn't have allowed Emaline's picture to be on FaceBook. I do not agree with that. The picture you saw was NOT staged--it was exactly how she looked that day. She was laying on the table, where she likes to be in the sun. Yes, it was a good day for her and I wanted to share her with you. I gave permission for that picture to be posted. MOST of her days ARE good. On her bad days, when her skin bothers her, we pump up her treatment. Now, what would be wrong with showing her happy self to the world? None, I saw. She IS happy, she's comfortable and we love her.

I also would like to express the need for all chatters and fb posts to be kind. Things have gotten a bit out of line this last week. All considerations need to be done--is your post offensive? Is it going to hurt someone's feelings? Please think before anything is posted in chat or facebook. People's feelings get hurt and as you may know, that is just not kind. We don't want that to happen. The kittycam that we have and the facebook pages are here for enjoyment, sharing the cats, listening to your cat stories, being friends and family. Our moderators and admins sincerely do try their best. It's not a fun job, not an easy job. I sincerely meant what I said last week. Without admins, there would be no facebook. Without moderators, there would be no cam chat. Let's work together and keep these means of communication fun and light. The sad thing is that when things are not going smoothly, it takes so much of my time to help try and straighten things out. It takes an emotional toll on me, it takes my time and energy that I should be using for running the rescue center. In case you may not be aware of it, there ARE people "out there" who want to do harm to FFRC. Please, do NOT let their meanness override your kindness. If you get nasty PM's, let the mods know and let them handle it. If you don't like what you see on the chat, turn it off. If you don't like what you see on the cam, turn it off. If you don't like what is on in facebook, turn it off. Our mods and admins will handle things. They do so with my knowledge and permission. This could all be such a wonderful world of cyberspace family--get on board with us and enjoy the cats. That way, we can do our "job" of taking care of this rescue center with full energy, full emotins and with fun! Please know that I realize that 99% of the people that we are cyber-space friends and family with are awesome! And for that, I am grateful.

So....on that note----on with the cats! We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Oban went to his new home. Remember, how I always say--let the cats come to you and be open minded as to which cat you want to adopt? It happened again! This wonderful lady came in, specifically looking for a female. But, Oban has his way, wiggled into her heart and she couldn't resist. So, Oban is in his new home. He did it all by himself! We also had a cat returned to us. It's Frith, one of the Fiver family. This family loved Frith, but realized they did not have enough time to spend with him. Their work schedule changed and Frith became lonely. So, he's back and acts like he's never been gone! They took good care of him. 

As many of you know, we have had trouble with Tweets pottying inappropriately. The good news is that we found out about this early (thanks to webcammers watchful eyes). She has been in June's Room now for 2 days with no accidents. She is, today, going to go to a friends house that has the perfect set up for her. It's 2 laundry type rooms with a hallway. She can roam about, play and have fun  ,  while encouraging her to continue using the box. We need to "reset her potty habits". She will be given lots of loving. We'll keep you posted.

Asha is now curled up here in the rescue center. Goss just entered. She's such a shy little kitten. But, once she is being held, her purr motor is wonderful. I just put her with Asha and all is well. Faleena and Spruce are laying side by side, with Spruce's arm over Faleena. So sweet. Our two little Push babies are hanging in there. Pushkiss still is a worry, but seems a bit stronger. He's about half the size of Pushkins. We are still syringe feeding them, but both of them lapped a little formula this morning from their plate! 

Many thanks to these people who made a donation to FFRC--
Jackie M from CA--a donation thru PayPal to help with surgery costs
Judeanlee from OH--a donation thru PayPal, to be used where ever needed.
Jenny/blackwingy from CA--donation thru PayPal, in honor of her Catathon named kitten--Pushkin 

On to another great day of cats, friendship and fun. 
The PushTwins   Pushkiss on left, Pushkins on right. Both peacefully snoozing.

I know--it's not a cat, but Einstein wanted to say Hi!