Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weds., October 3

Weds., October 3

Yesterday was another busy day. Been learning things from Janet in regards to computer stuff. We're also going thru and reorganizing the last of the sheds on the property. Hopefully that will be done today.

I want to send out a special thank you to an anonymous person who sent supplies to help the Covies/Kitty City cats and the Porchies stay warm for this winter. We received 2 huge boxes filled with heated beds and heated pads to help their winter be much more pleasant! I so appreciate this. I was told to open off cam, which I did. The cats here in the rescue center benefited too--they have  been having fun all morning playing with one of the big boxes with a side cut out of it, filled with brown paper! The best toy ever! Even Derecho was able to climb in and out of it. Because Bondi, one of our very old cats, prefers to stay in the Welcome Office, she will probably get one of the heated pads, as that room gets the cold air that comes in when the door opens. Thanks so much to our anonymous friend.

We had our weekly report from PetFinders. The top 11 cats that were viewed were: Ginseng, Angel Kisses, Butterbur, FiFi, Campion, Betony, Weber, Filbert, Efrafa, Octavia and Zelda. Maybe Octavia and Zelda will find a home yet!

We didn't have BOXES last night, due to Movie Night, but we did receive some donations that I'd like to acknowledge. Thanks so very much.
Mary K from PA--donation thru PayPal, in memory of Pizazz
Jackie B from FL--donation thru PayPal, in memory of Pizazz
Renee C--a donation thru PayPal, in memory of Pizazz
Cheryl G from TN--a donation thru PayPal, in memory of Pizazz
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal
Sandra DE from Canada--a donation thru PayPal, in memory of Pizazz
Sanna K from Finland--a donation thru PayPal
Caren F from CA--a donation thru PayPal for Betony-

We have 2 new kittens. They arrived 2 days ago. The first one is named Christopher (name taken from Name that Cat). He is about 16 weeks old. He came from a terrible place that did not care for him. He was so loaded with fleas, emaciated & very dehydrated, eyes caked shut. Someone saw this poor baby at a house and asked if he could take him. They said yes, so he then brought him here. After IV's, he perked up. The first morning, he was able to eat by himself and hasn't stopped yet! The second kitten is Dave (another name from Name that Cat). He was found all by himself in a yard.Something obviously happened to him, as he has a head injury. Both of his eyes will slide inward, making him appear to be cross-eyed. He also has a slight head wobble at times. Dr. Bill, our catopractor has already worked on him to help him feel better. Both are tested negative and are sharing the same pen together. Dave is 7 weeks old.

If you should ever receive odd or hurtful PM's by people you may not know, please do not hesitate to let a moderator know this, by PM.  If you let them know immediately, one of our mods can trace the IP number. Thank you!

Nance is doing great, being out and about--a real lover. Gossamer is coming around and starting to enjoy being petted more. Canton is also a loverbug. She also enjoys people's attention. Farrah is going to get her nails trimmed and her ears cleaned today--she won't be a happy camper today. Liberty is doing super--her eyes are 100% done with the healing process. She has eye scars but can see just fine! Putter spends much of his time on his back. He loves to nap on the rugs with his legs in the air! Sure love him!

Mariska--she's been adopted and came for a visit this week!