Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday, October 11

You can always tell the temperature by going out to Cat's Cove. If it's warm, they sleep in their own cushies. If it's cold, they're all bundled up together! What friends they make, depending on the weather! Sometime in November they'll be coming to Kitty City. They are all doing great and are happy Covies.

The Porchies are also doing great. I walked into the sunporch yesterday and all of them were napping in their cushies, soaking in the sun that was coming in thru the windows. They too are doing great. They never miss a meal or treat. They've also been getting groomed 2-3 times a week.

Putter and Emaline are still in the house. Putter loves the bed upstairs, the rugs on the floor and the quilt on the couch. All he has to do is come sit in front of anyone--we all know what that means--pick me up and hold me a while. Which, of course we do! Emaline is snugged in so much in the house, she doesn't come out to the rescue center at all. But, she's so happy and comfortable. Truly, she is a lap sitter and does so every chance she gets. We work daily with her skin problems.

Christopher is now out of his recovery pen. He wasn't feeling the best the last few days, so needed some extra care. But, yesterday and today he seems to be back to himself. So, he's out and about and has been playing already this morning. Avens and Penn are tussling beside me at the moment. Miau and Harlow keep going up to them to play with Aven's and Penn's twitching tails, which just adds to the excitement. I got a feeling the tussling will soon escalate.

Skittles Update: she ate real good again yesterday. The plans are made now for her flight back to Reno. I get to go with her, which I'm excited about! Skittles and I will leave FFRC around 4:00 am on  10/18. We will arrive in Reno about 11:55 (Reno time, in Ohio that would be 2:55 pm). I will leave later in the evening for my return flight back and should be back at FFRC about 10:15 am (Ohio time) Friday morning. I would like to thank Bill & Angie, Colleen & Tony (lives in Omaha), Kathy C (lives near Salt Lake City), Christine (lives in Denver) and Colleen (lives near Omaha). These were the  people who were willing to drive Skittles across the US. I thank you for your compassion and willingness of doing this. In addition to the reasons listed yesterday as to why it was decided to fly (home in 1/2 of a day, along with other reasons) is the weather. You never know what kind of winter weather the drivers might have ran into out west. There are so many people involved in this huge group effort to get Skittles home--I thank each and every one of you. Tomorrow, Angie and Connie will be accompanying Skittles to the vet appointment.

We had BOXES last night. Many, many thanks for the supplies!
Webcammer friends--a beautiful, awesome memorial stone, for Pizazz to add to Thumper's Garden. I'm so grateful.
Medic/Laura H--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Jennifer C/Kayton19--case of Friskies Gravy Sensation pouches
PJ/Badkitty from OH--cute letter from BadKitty, handmade spiral toys for FFRC cats and adoptions, lots of handmade kitty blankies with a special one for Gracie Ann (I will deliver this to her), coupons
Bev--PetScope, to replace the old one (many thanks!)
Icemaiden/Linda T--2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensation pouches
LucyToons--2 packages of spring toys, 2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 1 case of Fancy Feast
Anonymous--4 nylon mesh laundry bags (to wash the toys in)
Bantry--2 cans of sardines, scotch tape, cat shaped desk calendar for 2013, bandages, writing books, envelopes
Patty F & Mary from Missouri--lots of folders, some with paper in them, pens, pencils, stamps, 2 awesome packs of cards (with the pattern on a flash drive so we can make more!), sign: Dogs have owners, Cats have staff" (how so very true!), cardstock, sharpie pens, postie notes, hangers, paper clips, stamper ink, self inking stamper of kitties (matches the cards), pencil sharpener, white board
Val & Lois from WI--baby food, Mr. Clean, Dawn soap, pencils, sardines, lots of kitty toys, Meow Mix pouches, papertowels, Bounce sheets for the dryer, sandwich bags, lysol wipes, q-tips, trash bags, Mr. Clean eraser sponges, 2 cases of Gravy Sensations, K cups (hot cider)
Sylvia V--a wonderful big bumper kitty bed

We had an adoption 2 days ago. Gracie Ann went to her new home. She was first visited by a couple, at the Catstock. They took a shine to her. We've been talking on the phone, getting things arranged. I heard last night and all is well. She is a lap sitter, which is wonderful!

Thanks to each and every one for those votes--they are important. Keep them coming! Thanks too for the Pampered Chef orders that have come in. Remember too, to visit our Cause Site at:

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