Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday, October 2

Many of you may already know that Pizazz passed away yesterday afternoon. Our hearts are broke and the sadness is great. His little body couldn't do what it was asked to do any longer. His intestinal track basically shut down--no mobility at all, which is a major problem. He passed while being held and loved on. I had so hope to give him a long, happy, loving life here. As it was, it was a short, happy and well loved life. Our families, friends and pets may be with us such a short time. Treasure each day and give plenty of love. Thank you for caring for little Pizazz. He was another very special, sweet kitty.

This week, our volunteers are receiving a special pin. Beautiful thank you pins were sent by a webcam viewer to be given to each volunteer. I thank this viewer for appreciating the volunteers. 

We have visitors here from New York. They traveled 700 miles to get here. Peter and Linda arrived yesterday and will be leaving today. Their main purpose to come? It's to adopt Betony and Butter Bur! I'm so thankful for the adoption of these 2 wonderful cats--a mama and son!

Janet/Janak is here also visiting from New Zealand. Janet is giving her vacation time to be here, to help me learn more about the computers and the FFRC's iPad. She's an excellent teacher! I must've asked her a zillion questions already!

Gossamer, Chambo and Pants are now in June's Room together. Let the games begin--they love to play with each other and have made good kitty-friendships. Nance is now out and about. She wanted out of the room so much. The last time she squeezed thru the door to get into the main area, we let her stay. She's doing great and is making new friends too. I saw Badu give 3 kittens a bath yesterday!

Tenzin is also now out of his pen for good. He's taking it easy but is comfortable doing his own thing. I saw him play a bit yesterday. His little head tilt is still there and probably, at this point, will stay. Betz is doing great. She's becoming another desk friend. The desk is filling up with furry bodies! 

We had BOXES last night. I'm so appreciative of the support.
Marty S from OK--coupons
Dawn D from IA--an extra cute card with donation for Earth Angel fund
Karen B from Sherwood, OH--Chief tapes and coupons
Lynn/Lyninvt from VT--30 rolls of brown paper towels
Renee C/jakesmeowmy--3 cases of Friskies--all different types
Susan M/daydreamz2--50 hot cups and lids for coffee, tea and hot cider
Sally H/Eaglespirit from WI--assortment of treats and lunch snacks for the volunteers. For Bella--baby food. For Badu: Wiskas packets. For Raza--appetizers. For Octavia--Whiska packets and meow mix packets.
Sardines and kitten Fancy Feast canned food too.
Penny V from OH--kitty snackers, 3 fall colored rugs, 2 trays of assorted Appetizers and box of Bounce dryer sheets
Peter & Linda from MY--2 big cases of Friskies, 2 big cases of Fancy Feast, laundry soap, dry Fancy Feast food, cat snackers, litter
Maya--1 case of Friskies & 1 case of Gravy Sensations (a weekend visitor)
Judeannlee & husband from OH--lots of beautiful kitty blankies, guest wipes, kitty snackers, 30 can cat food
(Saturday visitors)

Putter was again up the stairs in the house! He loves the blankets and quilts that are on the beds. Emaline is receiving her daily meds. Court is making lots of friends--he loves to play rough! What a difference--he's making lots of friends now and knows that other cats are fun to be with. Zora has such soft fur--she's a good kitty to hold. 

Nemo--a real nice young cat. She would love to have a home where she can cuddle with people.