Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday, Sept 30

Another beautiful day! Yesterday was super busy. We spent the entire late morning and afternoon sorting thru the outside sheds. We are organized! Catstock things are all together. Catathon items are sorted and on the shelves together. The towels, blankets and rugs are all folded and in separate tubs, ready to use. Tables are all in the same shed, along with the things we use for outside events--table umbrellas, pop ups, etc. A lot of work, but is so nice to know things are in their proper places. 

We had a very short BOX session last night! 
Aunti Fi sent a beautiful  mini sofa for FiFi to lounge in. FiFi promptly got in it and laid down for all to see! So sweet. 

I've heard from Mike and Barbara. They have returned safely to their home in California after visiting 16 states. If you are interested in his CD-just let me know! We still have some left. They are $15. 

The 2 new orange kittens are doing fantastic. Nance and Pants will come into June's Room today. Chambo and Gossamer will also go into June's Room so they'll all have more room to play. Fun times ahead for them!

Tenzin is now out and about--a happy kitty. He's glad to be down and playing with his friends. Yesterday, we removed half of Big Al's ear sutures. We'll do more either today or tomorrow.

I would like to give an update on Kitty Kastle. Kitty Kastle was originally designed for my mom to stay if and when she needed it. This way, she would be closer to our family. In the meantime, we opened Kitty Kastle up to visitors. Right now, we have booked some reservations thru May. At the present time, we are not taking reservations past May--just in case my mom needs it. As time goes on and mom doesn't need Kitty Kastle, we will continue to take reservations. 

Many many thanks to our volunteers--you are the best! This Rescue Center could not be what it is without your help. You are the backbone to FFRC! Also many thanks to our various moderators that help with our cam chat and facebook pages. You also are very important to FFRC. We make a good team!
Betony--the mama of the Fiver kittens.